Mittwoch, Dezember 12, 2007

On the Twelfth Day of December . . .

. . . I had another camnesiac trip to The Needlepoint Joint. Amber and I showed off the little girls to the NPJ ladies, dropped off a present, and shopped a little.

. . . M1 and I got Kirsten ready for Santa Lucia Day tomorrow.

No one in our family is Swedish, other than Kirsten. However, my friend Laura's birthday is on December 13th, so I sometimes take her Lussekatter for breakfast. It depends on if I get up early enough to make them.

. . . I finished putting up as many Christmas decorations as there are going to be. M1 and I still need to hitch up Kaya's horse to the sleigh and put the girls in their coats so they can ride in it, but we can do that tomorrow.

With the tree in the living room this year I felt safe in getting out my lighted Christmas village to put next to it. The village was in the Avon catalog a few years ago when Joanne was selling it.

I think I have enough done now that I will feel OK about knitting for a while. See y'all later.


Tola hat gesagt…

what did you get at NPJ?

Joanne hat gesagt…

Love the video of the train and village.

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