Montag, Dezember 10, 2007

On the Tenth Day of December . . .

. . . I went to the Needlepoint Joint. I met Tola there and we exchanged gifts,

handsewn bag by Tola; can I get it back from Turbo is the problem

had lunch at Roosters, and shopped. I felt as though the ghost of Patty was shopping with me when I found this wonderful book, which is exactly the kind of thing she liked.

available from The Needlepoint Joint

Eileen said that the shop owner, Judy, has been ordering the books following Patty's method. The Joint has a reputation for books, after all.

I bought a skein of Manos to knit the Bones hat

and some superwash, supersoft red yarn for people who want their mittens plain this year.

Cashsoft Aran

When it came down to it, knitting squooshiness (a little cashmere, a little microfiber) won out over a slightly better red. But I think the kids will love these.

This Zitron sock yarn really grabbed me.

Yes, these are the same color number and dyelot.

I don't know what this is doing here.

more Manos

They just followed me home. It must have been purple and orange day. I tried to leave them there. I told them that buying them would make me feel guilty. I told them I don't need purple and orange mittens, no matter how subtle, or another hat. Nothing worked. They hopped in the bag, and here they are.

It's OK. I don't feel guilty. It was fate.

. . . I made a desultory effort to work on the tree. I determined that in the heavily laden area the ornaments are three deep. I decided to take a nap instead.

. . . we went to Baskin Robbins with M1, who is three years old today. Going on 21. That kid is going to be a hard act to follow for little M2.

Note: I forgot to take my camera to The Joint, but Tola had Verna take a picture of us. I will get it from her and prove we got together before she moves to Philly. Congratulations are in order--Tola is getting married on December 21st, which is why she is moving.

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Tola hat gesagt…

i had So Much Fun yesterday! ill get my photos downloaded hopefully tonight.

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