Sonntag, Dezember 16, 2007

On the Fifteenth Day of December . . .

. . . I did survive playing the harp in public. The burning questions and their answers:
  • Can I can find my pickup mic?

  • If I find it, will there be amplification?
    There was.

  • Will the harp stay in tune?
    It did.

  • Will it matter?
    The audience could hear it over the speaker system better than I could resulting in some odd modal shifts when I forgot to put the f-# levers up or down.

  • Will there be anything left to eat when I'm through playing?
    There was, only I don't think olives and bacon go together.

  • . . . I watched The Two Towers and got an idea for Aeowyn's Christmas stocking. I mean, what's the use of being named Aeowyn if you don't get Rohanish artwork on your stuff?

    I wanted the top to be like those on the other family members' stockings, but have it develop organically into a braided design from a panel in Theoden's throne room.

    . . . the mailman brought a haul of Ranco from The Loopy Ewe.

    From left: Mountain Sunset, Navajo, Blueberry, Aztec

    I love!!! this stuff. OK, I haven't knitted anything with it. But the way the colors are just kind of dashed on--I don't know, I just love it.

    . . . Celia called and said that she had two extra tickets to the MoTab Christmas Concert. So we dropped everything and went. I mean, they had The King's Singers and the U of U ballet department, so how could it be bad? And tickets are hard to get, don't want to waste them.

    I tried to take some pictures of the lights on Temple Square, but my night photography skills are a little lacking.

    With some help from Paul I got this shot:

    and on my own, this more prosaic one:

    Since we had nosebleed seating for the concert I was not able to get close enough to the stage to show you how cute it was, but I did get this:

    Say what you will about the Mormon church and Mitt Romney, Utahns know how to do Cute.


    Tola hat gesagt…

    yes they do! glad you got to go, i like their Christmas concerts.

    tapmouse hat gesagt…

    My gosh, Tan! The stocking is absolutely beautiful! So are all the other pics, too! I'm sure your harp playing was absolutely wonderful!

    Joanne hat gesagt…

    I can't wait to see how Aeowyn's stocking turns out, it is looking so beautiful so far!

    No tickers