Dienstag, Dezember 11, 2007

On the Eleventh Day of December . . .

. . . I just kind of wasted my whole day, procrastinating the ongoing tree decorating.

Instead of putting on the ornaments the kids didn't get to, I just arranged and rearranged the ones that were there.

Some of my favorite ornaments:

St. George and the dragon is part of a set of five icons we bought in Vienna, although they were made in Greece. The others are all Madonna with Child or Flight into Egypt.

In the above picture, the embroidered bird was from a Vogue pattern that came out in the 70's. I'm sad that I can't find it, because I would like to make more. Maybe Laurel or Joanne will design new ones for me. At the bottom of the picture, do you see the matching Santas, a free-hanging one on the left, and one in the garland on the right? Sadly the company that made those discontinued their glass garlands. Sharman brought the round ornament from Jordan when she was on study abroad while in nursing school.

. . . I did my only Christmas shopping (other than food) that had to be bought in person. My trip to the scrapbooking store was not very successful, although I did score some My Mind's Eye gift bags for myself. I ended up ordering part of my friend's gift online after all. And I went to Mrs. Cavenaugh's, where I bought some chocolates to send out to the few, the lucky few. Another trip to the Needlepoint Joint is in the offing. Sorry, Eileen, I ate your Cherry Kerri bar.

. . . I just kept procrastinating cleaning until I won't have time to knit today. Or maybe I will just swear off cleaning until tomorrow.


Joanne hat gesagt…

Someday I will learn to avoid last minute present knitting so that I can make ornaments! :) Ok, I'll probably never learn that, let's make ornaments in July.

Terri hat gesagt…

I give you permission to swear off cleaning and knit. The dust bunnies are not going anywhere and you will feel so much better after a bit of knitting.

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