Freitag, November 02, 2007

Who would you share your toothbrush with?

Me neither.

At least not on purpose.

But guess who I caught chewing on it.

So I now have a new toothbrush, and I am keeping it in a drawer.

Sometimes you just have to gag and get on with your life.

I got quite a lot done on my Lenore socks while driving to and from Idaho yesterday. Well actually, Paul was driving. He even let me have a light on after it got dark on the way back.

Lenore yarn and pattern from Blue Moon Fiber Arts; the October club kit; it will be available to non-club members some time next year

I suspect the stitch pattern might not be way comfy in shoes, but I tried something less bumpy and it wasn't as cute. The Yarn Harlot rules.

the Lenore pattern was designed by Stephanie Pearl McPhee

My stay-on-the-couch project has been a lacy cardi for Meagan.

Wiggles and Waves pattern not yet available apparently; I got one from a friend of the designer. The yarns are Blue Moon Fiber Arts STR mediumweight in Gingerbread Dude and (accent color) Brick.

This is Blue Moon's Grinchy Grouchy kit. I am hoping to get two pair out of it. Celia definitely gets one, since she's married to The Grinch. I would knit a pair for him but I just can't see him wearing these colors.

I also got a Baby Surprise kit to knit for Meagan. Doesn't it look cute with these little corduroy overalls?

Baby Surprise kit from Blue Moon in sock candy; overalls from Hanna Andersson

A few fall yarns have wended their way to my doorstep.

From top: STR Leightweight, a Rare Gem I am naming "Bride of Cluckula" that L-B bought me at Stitches East; Strickstduschon Sockenwolle in "Indische Gewurze"; Sheepaints Bamboolaine in Autumn Forest; Strickstduschon Sockenwolle in "Goldener Oktober."

I also got a haul from Wollmeise:

Sockenwolle, clockwise from top: Zenzi medium, Granatapfel, Brombeere, Poison No. 5, Zenzi dark

Despite the feeding frenzy when the Wollmeise shop reopened on October 1st, I was able to grab Wollmeise Lace-Garn in Spice Market.

I got up early enough to catch the Harvest Moon setting through the trees before Halloween. It needed a better photographer. It was HUGE!

And, finally, Paul did surgery on Trusty's favorite toy. Anyone interested in watching Paul do surgery, I've documented the procedure on my Photos site.


Margene hat gesagt…

You show the best yarn p0rn!

Terri hat gesagt…

The Lenores look lovely. Maybe I should move those into my queue?

I hope Grinchy Grouchy makes it to your needles soon. That looks like a fun knit.

MMM Spice Market....

Joanne hat gesagt…

It looks like Trusty was very concerned about the health of his toy! But I'm sure Paul fixed him right up :B

Stilaholic Nartian knits hat gesagt…

Nice Wollmeise haul! I'm curious to see what you make out of the Zenzi.

As for the BSJ kit, if there's enough in their for a newborn jacket, shoes & hat, there might be enough for a 1 yr old jacket. I'm just not sure there would be enough for my off the chart 2 yr old.

Tola hat gesagt…

oh what lovely yarns!

so when i was in jr high, we all of us kids went to the dentist. i got a new yellow toothbrush (my old one was blue). my brother went to scout camp a few days later, and my new yellow toothbrush disappeared. so i used my old blue one. a week later, both my brother and my yellow toothbrush returned. i kept on using my old blue one. his defense was, his old one was yellow.

Lynn hat gesagt…

My friend Angeluna has been knitting a pair of socks in Wollmeise. I'm still happily stash-busting, but maybe next year...

Laritza hat gesagt…

I absolutely love Trusty's look of concern during the procedure! He is the cutest dog!

KnitNana hat gesagt…

OMG...hysterical. But I can think of worse things than The Meezer chewing my toothbrush...not a lot worse, but worse...
I LOVE LENORE. OMG. And if "The Raven" series didn't have a Lenore? I'd be disappointed...

And, as usual, your yarn p0rn makes me want...badly!

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