Samstag, November 17, 2007

That went well, thank you

My piece is officially off the program for the Early Music Ensemble.

Yesterday's rehearsal resulted in a total meltdown. One person stormed out in a rage and says I insulted her and her husband and don't practice enough. She was mad at Howard, too (my son came in to conduct). I was pretty upset, but the rest of the group was nice to me and said they liked it but just couldn't play it.

So, maybe I'll hire some people from the SL recorder society to play it in the spring.

Unfortunately the person who left in a huff is a key player in every number, so the second hour of the rehearsal was very lame duck.

However! The whole unpleasant experience was somewhat mitigated by hearing Anthony from our group do the German rap portion of the piece. He was super. He could get a job with the German goth bands Cherry likes.

I'm sorry it's not getting a performance; I'd love people to hear it. I've gained a lot more confidence in my work over time. I have faith in myself now that I didn't have when I started writing.

And whatever, today is the Utah Chocolate Show, and Laurel and I have tickets. That makes up for the part of the upset that Anthony's German rapping couldn't wipe away.

Oh, wait! I forgot to tell you my first Raven got here yesterday. It really is magic yarn. It looks totally black, but under the Ott Light colors begin to appear gradually and subtly. There is a sign over Tina's door that says "The Wizard is In." I thought it was a joke, but now I wonder.


Lynn hat gesagt…

[[[Hugs]]]. I play the recorder. Not well at all, but I love the mellow sounds it produces when played by people who know what they are doing. Looking forward to hearing your piece played sometime, somewhere, and being able to say, "I *know* her!"

That Raven is calling my name, too, but I'm keeping a finger in one ear until we get past Christmas. [I couldn't knit at all with a finger in both ears.]

Terri hat gesagt…

I am so sorry to hear your piece will be sitting on a shelf instead of flying around in the open. It sounds very innovative and innovation is often hard for people to deal with. Its time will come!

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