Montag, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving at Darth's

Paul was on call for 36 straight hours over Thanksgiving holiday, beginning Wednesday at 5:00 p.m. This was at the biggest new hospital in the intermountain west. Big, and when it opened three weeks ago, not fully functional. Not enough nurses. Not enough cleaning staff. Supplies misdelivered, or not delivered at all.

When I went down on Thursday afternoon for the cafeteria's Thanksgiving dinner, Paul took me on a tour. Peering down a corridor that looked as if it were at least a mile long, I commented that it reminded me of a space ship.

looking north

looking south; or vice versa--I'm not very good at directions

Paul said, "The residents call it The Death Star." Uh huh. Really big, and did I mention not fully functional?

I think they're getting it under control. Paul says things went very smoothly last week. Now that they have the life-threatening issues taken care of, I hope they'll figure out a better way of assigning holiday call.

Oh, by the way, I had a chance to use "Death Star" in a sentence. Paul was talking with one of the residents after church. I casually threw out, "Are you talking about The Death Star?" The guy said he was, and went on with the conversation. Just because the elevators work now, doesn't mean the nickname is going away any time soon.

Also in the not fully functional category:

  • Baby Surprise is too small for Meagan. Will Wiggles and Waves go the same way?

  • BSJ Photo not available, sorry

  • Lenore does not work toe-up. The cuff turns into garbled mess.

  • Sometimes I have trouble with my legs getting garbled, too

    I knitted a cuff the correct way and grafted it on.

    Lenore is from STR's sock club, but Rauen and Pallas Athena are somewhat similar. The Stephanie Pearl McPhee pattern will be available some time next year.

    One down, one to go.

    Oh well, Grafting makes me feel powerful. I ordered another skein to knit myself a top-down pair, with bigger needles on the very top. This pair is going into the Christmas gifts. When I get done grafting.

    Lots of excitement coming up. I will be picking up my parents on Sunday for more visits by mom to the memory loss clinic on Monday and Tuesday. Ruth Ann will take them home on Tuesday afternoon, I think. And then Howard and Amber hope to move back into our basement Tuesday night. They finally sold their house. Howard changed jobs back in August and has been commuting 45 miles each way since then. Their new house that's close to his job will be finished the first part of January. I hope they will stay here until then.

    A week before Christmas Sharman and her crew are coming for three weeks (Chris will leave sooner since he has an opera role).

    I am hoping that somehow this week, along with helping Amber get ready to move, I can get the upstairs bedrooms de-toy-roomed and de-computer-roomed to the point where my parents will feel comfortable in them, and then Sharman's family while they're here. That way Howard and Amber can stay in the official guest rooms downstairs and won't have to feel like they have to keep moving around on a weekly basis. As Sharman pointed out, they have a new baby (even if she is too big for my Baby Surprise, she is only 3 months old) and could use a break.

    Sharman's boys will like sleeping in the computer room. Webkinz will be just a click away.

    P.S. Not everyone grows as fast as Meagan. Here's Baby Aeowyn in the jumper I knitted for her back in March:

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