Mittwoch, November 07, 2007

Surprise, Surprise.

I remember Baby Sally saying "Surprise! Surprise" in my Dick and Jane reading book. It really dates a person, except that all the people who didn't learn to read in Dick and Jane don't remember it, so they don't know how old those books are unless you tell them.

I have been knitting this:

And this:

I never knitted a Baby Surprise previously because I hated garter stitch. Only now I've gotten over that, and the BMFA kits are really cute. It's popular right now and there are helps online for people that think they might be lost even when they're not.

It bothers me that you don't know what size you're going to get. I swatched and looked at the pattern and I think this one will be 17" around and hopefully fit Meagan. Although at the rate she's growing that's questionable. And at some point I'm going to have to change the color alternation. I'm knitting with the yarn doubled. They say I have enough yarn for two sweaters if I reverse the color combinations.

Speaking of BMFA. Yes, I did order a few Ravens. I was not the first one on the site, since I was at a class and an evening workshop. I spent some time thinking and looking. I'll photo them when they come.

And let's not argue about what a collection of Ravens is called. Both "unkindness" and "murder" are correct according to this website.


Tola hat gesagt…

what a cool site! (did i sound like i was arguing? if so, i am sorry)

KnitNana hat gesagt…

Oh. When you knit a baby surprise jacket you don't know what size you're going to end up with? Gee, not sure I like THAT.
(I do love the colors you're knitting, tho'!)
And oh...I can't wait to get my Ravens....

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