Donnerstag, November 15, 2007


OK, so this is a National Murder Your Pets Month Blog Post.

Yesterday I was picking up some balls of yarn that had rolled under a table. I was wearing my headphones, and all that yarn and dangling wire were too much for Che. He attacked, got entangled, and before I could help him he just burst out like Hercules. He ripped one earpiece right off the headphones. It was just lying there, with a stub of wire hanging off the headphone. And of course when I started knitting again I discovered that at some point he had also severed the working ball of yarn from the project.

OK, he is still alive, don't worry. Those headphones were starting to die, anyway.

Then tonight for some reason Trusty was really on one. He grabbed my poor, beleagured iPod and the substitute headphones off my nightstand, which he has never done before. Paul rescued them. Then he started ripping up a towel I had put down for him to lie on while he chewed a peanut butter treat. Then I shut him in the computer room with me, and when I turned around to see what he was chewing on I discovered he had destroyed a metronome. I wasn't too upset since it was a cheapo one. Then he started crunching again, and it was my GOOD metronome. I can't even remember why these things were in the computer room. I have been looking for the good metronome all week. So. Trusty found it for me. How can I get mad at that? And it even still works, as long as you want 180 beats per minute in 4/4 time.

Oh well. It's my own fault for leaving things where he can reach them. I wonder where my camera bag with the extra battery in it has gone? I am just waiting for him to decide that cordless computer mice look like fun.

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