Donnerstag, November 22, 2007

Happy Turkey Day

I hope you're having a lovely day with your family and friends, and thinking about all the things you're thankful for. I have a huge list but it's cheesy and private so I am not blogging it.

We are celebrating our Thanksgiving on Sunday, so I am cross training today:

The Rotation

  • 20 minutes cleaning.

  • Hey, it's a holiday. 20 minutes is enough.

  • 20 minutes knitting.

  • Baby Monkeys in Sheepaints "Cinderella" from The Loopy Ewe. I don't know why I knit so tightly that I need 64 stitches for socks to fit 2- and 3-year-olds. But 64 stitches means Monkeys.

    Monkey toes in Sheepaints Bambulaine "Cinderella"

    Note: Today's photos are all in Flickr so you can click to biggify.

  • 20 minutes writing music.

  • I am still feeling sad about the death of my Walther piece, so it's been hard to get motivated on the next project. I told Paul that I hate writing music and am going to drop out of school. He said, "You should finish what you start" and went off to be on call for 36 hours, so I can't argue with him.

  • 20 minutes knitting.

  • I need red socks for the holidays.

    Red socks

  • 20 minutes wrapping presents.

  • Yes, friends, Christmas is coming, and the elves have been dropping a few things off at my door.

    Santa's elves stopped by

  • 20 minutes knitting.

  • It's time to put the edging on Wiggles and Waves.

    Wiggles and Waves in STR Gingerbread Dude

    STR Gingerbread Dude

  • 20 minutes cooking.

  • Just because there's no turkey in the oven doesn't mean I can't cook something else. I've started sourdough bread and apple pie to take down to the call room to surprise Paul. OK, it might take more than 20 minutes to get a pie into the oven.

    Mmmm--fermenting grain products!

    We haven't decided whether to eat the cafeteria's Thanksgiving offering or have me pick something up. But on the way back I'm definitely stopping by the storage unit to pick up the Christmas tree.

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    L-B hat gesagt…

    Happy Thanksgiving Tan!
    I like your 20 minute rotation!
    Don't give up on writing the music---music is in your heart as much as knitting is and I can't imagine you giving up on either one!

    No tickers