Freitag, Oktober 19, 2007

Why do I have 60 lbs of chocolate in my front hall?

Because I can't lift the box to move it somewhere else?

The mailman and UPS delivery person really went nuts yesterday. I got:

Fruit and chocolate from Sharman
(I have to share these with various people)

Sock club kits from Yarn Pirate and Dharmafey's Harry Potter Covers

The Harry Potter yarn came with a cute snake marker

My Fratello kit came from Yarnissima on Wednesday.

Note: this is a unique colorway of Wollmeise, only available with this kit. It is a beautiful mahogany color. You want this kit.

The reason my kit doesn't look as nice as Nartian's

Photo by Nartian, used by permission

is because mine was attacked by Che, who chewed off all the cute add-ons, which included such cat attractants as feathers and raffia.
Besides which Nartian is a better photographer.

I was determined to finish my Cluckula socks.

Socks that Rock Count Cluckula, Rainbow Socks pattern from Magknits

I continued the short-row pattern into the ribbing and added Tim Burton-inspired edging.

Experimentation has demonstrated that the Spooky socks are not, in fact, going to stay up in their current form. I have some yarn left. I think I will pick up around the edge and knit a ribbed lining for the top on the inside.

Yarn Pirate Spooky colorway in WendyKnits Frogwarts pattern

Currently listening to

but turning it off shortly to put in another hour on my composition. I was surprised to realize the other day that the reason it is hard is that writing is work. Some people actually do it for a living. Who knew.


Stilaholic Nartian knits hat gesagt…

Love your Cluckula socks! That colorway is so going on my next BMFA order.

You are too funny about my photography skills since they are a total crapshoot. (Sorry, couldn't resist the pun.)

Tola hat gesagt…

ill be *right* over to help you unpack and disseminate that chocolate.

Laritza hat gesagt…

Love the Cluckula socks! They look like a lot of fun. As for the chocolate: if you need help lightening the box just let me know!

Tola hat gesagt…

where do you find all these sock clubs? id join one because i really love handpainted yarn, but i need nylon in my sock yarn. any hints?

tapmouse hat gesagt…


I LOVE your Count Cluckula socks! The color is one I've been drooling over since I first saw it, but your little Tim Burton-inspired trimmings are delightful! I wanna copy those!


IrishgirlieKnits hat gesagt…

Love love love your count cluckula socks!! I have that colorway and can't wait to knit it up!

And why are you and Nartian taunting me with the Wollmeise...I try to resist, but that gorgeous color is everywhere it seems :) (not really, just here and Nartian's blog...but that is enough temptation for me!).

Terri hat gesagt…

That Yarnimissa is wonderful. I clicked right over to place an order. Then I thought that I have a color pretty close to it waiting to be knit up. Then I saw the pattern, OOOO beautiful. ADD TO CART. Then I figured out the exchange conversion. REMOVE FROM CART. :-(

The CLuckula turned out great. the tops are perfect, so fun!

Glad I was not home when it was time to sign up for the Yarn Pirate club.

Joanne hat gesagt…

Love the "Tim Burton" edging. I think that he is unable to make a movie without crazy hair, see preview for Sweeney Todd for examples :)

ikkinlala hat gesagt…

I love the Cluckula socks!

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