Mittwoch, Oktober 10, 2007

Vampire or Werewolf? Jekyll or Hyde?

Who is Count Cluckula, really?

By day he appears as a mild-mannered gentlechicken, conservative in a grey flannel suit, helping little old hens across the street.

But the Count has a darker side.

It has even been suggested that he is not, in fact, a chicken vampire, but a yarn vampire. Could Count Cluckula be a moth?

I tend to think not. I suspect that he is, in fact, not a vampire of any kind, but rather a werechicken. His Jekyll and Hyde behavior indicates some type of double personality, perhaps triggered, not by the moon as in a normal werewolf, but by the Ott Lite.

At first glance, Count Cluckula wound into a ball could remind one of a particularly evil colorway of Red Heart 8-ply. However, once you get to know him, you see that the resemblance is only superficial.

Scary he might be.

Evil, never.

See previous post for pattern and yarn information.


Sockapalooza4pal hat gesagt…

Beautiful. The yarn really shows off the short row pattern!

Kay hat gesagt…

I like what you've done with the yarn. Very nice, and your commentary is entertaining, too. Made me chuckle!

lorinda hat gesagt…

Love the short rows! Beautiful yarn.

obsessmuch? hat gesagt…

gorgeous color!!

Tola hat gesagt…

love it!!!

marti hat gesagt…

oh my goodness! you crack me up!

uberstrickenfrau hat gesagt…

I think its pretty darn AWESOME! I loves it, I'd let it bite me anytime....twice even.

Tola hat gesagt…

how do you get patterns from MagKnits to print all the way across? i printed this sock pattern, and i am missing at least two words on the right side margin.

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