Freitag, Oktober 26, 2007


Due to technical difficulties in my life, this blog is still a big waste of time to look at.

I am still working on the same stinkin' composition.

My parents will be here next week for my mom to have a workup at the memory loss clinic. Thanks to stress over this, I have been up every night all week for anywhere from two to four hours with a headache. I should blog in the nighttime, but somehow I just don't have that much creative energy at 4:00 a.m. with my head in a towel after running hot water over my head for half an hour.

I will take my parents back to Idaho on Halloween (little sister is picking them up). So I am missing Halloween this year. The family is coming over on Sunday instead.

After that maybe I will get back to a more normal routine.

We tried hard to get my parents to move down here, even just for the winter. Dad refuses. Well, he has always been a difficult parent. Why should that change just because he is turning 80 next year?


Laritza hat gesagt…

Glad to hear from you. Things will get better, just hang in there!

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Birdsong hat gesagt…

It is tough when you have to start parenting your parents... hang in there.

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