Donnerstag, Oktober 18, 2007

Just a quick note

  • Four Three reasons to shower with the light off

  • 1. It is warmer. I'm not kidding try it. Turn off the light, and the bathroom is suddenly at least five degrees warmer.

    2. Norman Bates will not be able to find you if the light is off.

    3. If the light is off, you can close your eyes and pretend you are asleep. You can put off getting up by at least ten minutes this way.

    4. I actually thought of a fourth reason this morning while I was in the shower, but I have already forgotten it.

    Note: Just put your shampoo and conditioner in the same order every time you put them back so you can tell which is which in the dark.

  • Note to Stargate Atlantis

  • Did you mean to give Weir a craniotomy in the Adrift episode? Because a craniectomy would probably be fatal.

    subnote: Yes, I just got caught up on three weeks' worth of Stargates. I've been busy.

  • Note to Bella in Eclipse

  • Girl, you have no personality. You have no interests. You have nothing going for you except smelling good to vampires. If you become a vampire you will not have even that. Just sayin'.

    I wonder why everyone else I know who is reading that book is between the ages of 12 and 16? Could that be a message to me in some way?

  • I am still knitting sometimes

  • I am starting to run out of Count Cluckula, so I must be nearly through with my Cluckula Rainbow socks. I will take a picture soon. Right now I am at the library at the music building between a rehearsal and a colloquium. Or however you spell it.

    I am a little worried that the Spooky socks will not stay up. I opted not to use ribbing because I wanted the tendrils/worms/Medusa hair to grow organically out of the stockinette stitch. But the tendrils are heavy. I brought the second one to finish working in the ends in the colloquiem. Or however you spell it. Testing of whether or not they stay up could begin as early as tomorrow.

    The recorder piece is going pretty well. I gave out parts for as much as I have done, but that covers our concert on 12/1. I will finish it when I get home (and tomorrow, and Saturday, and Sunday, and Monday . . .) and hopefully we will play the whole thing on 12/6.

    That's all for now. I have to go forage for quarters for the meter. Plus I have exceeded my non-academic computer time limit.


    lorinda hat gesagt…

    I'm an old lady (compared to the teens reading Twilight), and I love Edward and crew.

    And in a Series of Unfortunate Events, the bad guy wanted to give the heroine a cranioectomy.

    Love the shower in the dark idea, but I'd hurt myself, I'm sure.h

    Tola hat gesagt…

    according to CSI:NY this week, you can rough up the edges on a pre-1982 penny (higher copper content=heavier) and the parking meter will *think* it's got a quarter. i know you would never do that, but for academic purposes, id like to try it.

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