Freitag, September 28, 2007

That was then, this is now

OK, I didn't finish my recorder piece yet. I made this solemn pledge not to knit or blog until it was done, but it is just making me waste time when I'm not writing.

On Tuesday I wrote until my brain fell out and was too tired to knit. On Wednesday I wrote until I hit a brainblock, then frittered away the rest my day reading Ravelry forums every ten minutes. On Thursday I wrote for a couple of hours and then polished my piano to within an inch of its life.

Then I gave up. I had to have something to knit at my book group so I finished my Halloween socks.

Yarn Pirate "Spooky" in Wendy's Frogwarts pattern

I-cord noodles worked randomly over 4-5 (or 3 or 6) stitches

Then I decided that as long as my pledge was already broken, I might as well start the throw I bought at Great Basin.

Multi-fiber Throw from Mountain Colors, Tamarack colorway

There is no way Paul can say these are girl colors, although he might say the novelty yarns are femmie.

Whatever. It coordinates with my hair and his dog.

Now I need a new take-along, brainless project. I could start something autumny.

Top: Yarn Pirate club yarn; Bottom: Potter Covers club yarn

Or I could do something with my Sundara Petals that came yesterday.

I can always write until my brain falls out after the pedicure.


Tola hat gesagt…

oh i love the noodles! it almost makes me want to knit a toe-up sock!

Margene hat gesagt…

I love the Halloween socks!! What a hoooot;-)

Lynn hat gesagt…

Thank you for writing about the quirks in your own family. We have some issues in my own tribe where the least-quirky sometimes get cranky with the more-quirky. As someone with one foot in each camp, I totally agree with you about the value of quirkiness to creativity.

Terri hat gesagt…

Ooo and ahh to the beautiful yarn.

My kids are quirky too. School failed the oldest, that is what led us to homeschooling. All are fine, still quirky, a joy to be around and completely comfortable in their own skins. I am thankful everyday that we were able to make that choice.

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