Sonntag, September 23, 2007

Partial Camnesia

OK. So I went to OFFF. My camera was in my bag. I did not take it out. At all. Not even once. We could pretend I took pictures, though. These are the pictures we can pretend I took:

Lin Roden, freshly back from Australia, wearing a beatiful black handwoven (by herself!) shawl shot with aqua threads.

Judy and Shirley at Judy's booth.

The Blue Moon Fiber Arts Booth--wall-to-wall color, fiber, people, laughing, crazy hair color, hugs, socks, crazy yarn names (Pond Scum? Bleck?)

Wolfhounds (at the other end of the fairgrounds).

I did buy some stuff. Here is some stuff I bought (click to biggify):

Blue Moon Fiber Arts
Some Rare Gems

Lightweight Rare GemLightweight Rare GemLightweight Rare Gem
Lightweight Faulty Dyer
Faulty Dyer
Mediumweight Pirate Booty
Pirate Booty
Lightweight Count Cluckula
Count Cluckula
Sugar Plums
Sugar Plums
Lightweight Autumn
Autumn Leaves
Great Wall Bleck
A new Blue Moon Yarn, Great Wall, in colorway Bleck
Geisha Pond Scum
Geisha in Pond Scum
Sheep to Shoe Rooster Rock (I think)
Sheep to Shoe Kit in (I think) Rooster Rock
Judy's Novelty Wool
Judy's Novelty CorriedaleJudy's Novelty Corriedale Harvy Suncatcher
These are her home-grown, hand-dyed Corriedale

I wasn't the only one who was excited about these fibers.

First you rub it on your head

Then you give it a cookie and take it for a drive

Take it for a drive and give it cookies

I did remember to get the camera out when we went apple picking.

Golden Russet




So that's about it for the week. I'll see you when I get my recorder piece finished and the parts handed out!

P.S. The opera was to die for (Carmen thought so, too)! Chris was super!


Margene hat gesagt…

I thought you might have run off to play. Sounds like it was wonderful all the way around. Fall is suddenly here!

Tola hat gesagt…

"Carmen thought so, too" ROFL. there was a story on NPR this weekend about Carmen. wish the pictures would load on my work computer. they wont, so ill have to wait until i get home to ogle and drool.

Tola hat gesagt…

home now. lovely pictures!

Joanne hat gesagt…

Wow, looks like it was a very awesome trip! I hope we can make it up there in November!

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