Donnerstag, September 20, 2007

I go to Great Basin Fiber Arts

Joanne and I went to Great Basin together on Saturday, and met up with Laurel and Piper. I could not keep up with Piper's shopping pace.

I totally went nuts at the Nomad Yarns booth, buying the ones naturally dyed by Judith McKenzie McKuen. Today's pictures are all on Flickr, so you can click and get other sizes for more detail.




I decided I would really like an alpaca for my back yard, although I doubt the alpacas would like Trusty.


This cute man demonstrated his walking wheel and played a handmade wooden flute. I am embarrassed that, although I asked his name, I have already forgotten it.


I tried out a Kromski Minstrel for Dandelion. I liked it!

P9150016Spinner's eye view

I met Tola!

P9150022Tola is on the right. Aren't the babies cute?

The stuff I bought is still in the car. I think I will just store it there until I get back from Portland. Maybe I will photo it then. But there are more pictures of the walking wheel and alpacas on Flickr.

P.S. since I am up in the middle of the night headaching around, I decided to share my headache poem with you:

Das kleine Köpfchen tut mir weh;
Ist voller Schmerz.
Geh weg, Schmerz, geh!

I made up a great poem about my phone battery dying, complete with rap sound effects, but I have already vorgotten it.

Somehow I don't think Goethe needs to worry about these poems.


uberstrickenfrau hat gesagt…

oh! You CANNOT leave us hanging without giving the english translation!!!

Tola hat gesagt…

I only look that bad in public.

Terri hat gesagt…

You are the BEST!

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