Donnerstag, August 23, 2007

What Now?

Lookee what came in the mail yesterday! The online pictures of this wrap make it look rather neutral, but the minute you start looking at the individual yarns you see Kaffe's hand at once. If green, lavender, and charcoal are neutrals, then maybe it's neutral.

Earth Stripe Wrap from Rowan #42

I'll be casting on this afternoon, as soon as I finish Baby M's tulip cardigan.

Baby M's is on the left. The completed one is too small and will go to a baby born in winter who can wear it immediately.

I finally met up with Becky to give her the first Tulip I finished. I forgot my camera, so do not have pictures of Jayden wearing it, but it was a big success. With a design this cute, how could it not be a success??? I plan to put Tulips away for a while when I finish M's, but I want to pick out a couple of coordinating boy colors of Dream In Color and have them on hand just in case.

I've been working my way through the practice socks in Cat Bordhi's New Pathways for Sock Knitters. Since I can't count to ten two socks in a row, these will not be going to Baby M. Instead I think I'll make the big bird looking socks from the book in Tulip stripe colors.

And now, in case anyone wonders why Turbo is Commander General of my house:

Would you want to argue with that?


Margene hat gesagt…

Oh I love the colors even more!!

Joanne hat gesagt…

the booties are cute and artistic. If you can't find a child with artistic feet maybe you can make two pairs :)

Tola hat gesagt…

prize yarn arrived today and it is so lovely and wonderful! cannot wait to cast on my Fawkes socks with it. thank you very much.

Laritza hat gesagt…

The color combination for the wrap is indeed very pretty. Looks Kaffe alright. Is that from the last Rowan book?

Terri hat gesagt…

That yarn looks lace wieght. Is that beautiful wrap achieved using teeny tiny yarn?

KnitNana hat gesagt…

My Rowan book hasn't gotten here yet. (sob)
I'm soooooo jealous!
And Tulips are gorgeous! Socks would be a great idea!
No. I would not mess with Turbo. lol
He looks serious - I think you just lost your yarn.

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