Dienstag, August 07, 2007

Weekend update

We went to the zoo yesterday and got Sharman and Chris and the kids ready to return to Portland, so as weekend updates go, this is a day late.

I made some progress on the Bellatrix socks.


New progress

Since the socks have turned into knee socks, I sort of belatedly started a calf increase, which gave me an excuse to use several of my Harry Potter stitch markers.

Note that I am offering a set of these in my Blogiversary contest. Or, if you're a "Buy Now" kind of person, you can get them from Sunneshine's Etsy shop.

The family came over for muffalettas on Sunday.

My pastry brush broke, and Trusty swiped the handle. Not sure if you can see it in his mouth, but he looked as if he were smoking a pipe.

I spent most of my blogging time this morning documenting the muffalettas, so please take time to check out the muffaletta post!

Ooops--Trusty just came in to point out that I forgot to give him his breakfast. See ya later.


Kenyetta hat gesagt…

I love the socks, the colors are so pretty.
I don't know where to enter the contest, so I am entering here.
1st choice would be knitpicks memories in gladiolus. #6
2nd would be knitpicks in easter. #7
3rd would be lorna laces in lakeview #8
kenyetta dot davis at gmail dot com

Laritza hat gesagt…

Trusty is HUGE! I see why you said that the green goes on forever.

Lynn hat gesagt…

Blogiversary wishlist, should I be so lucky: [1] #6, [2] #12 -- baritones *rock*, [3] #18. If it weren't almost the same colors as my monkey socks, I'd have gone for #20. You've got my email addy :)

I love muffalettas; we sometimes get them for lunch at the local singles' conferences. Woohoo!

Tola hat gesagt…

adding #20 sprites yarn to my options list. other 2 choices, LL sock yarn, and HP markers. (i feel so greedy!)

Kenyetta hat gesagt…

You were so right! My choices now are 6, 18, 20- 20 is my number 1 choice- I have a thing for pink also.

lorinda hat gesagt…

#15, 8, 18 are my new choices. You're killing me! You must be a hobbit--giving presents away for your party! LOVE all your stuff.

and I'm lor.indaATsbcglobalDOTnet


Terri hat gesagt…

The socks are wonderful Will you go over the knee?

Yes, I am glad I checked back. My third choice is #17 Sasquatch.

Joanne hat gesagt…

Ok, I'll quit lurking... I think it may have been the Zen String that talked me into being social :) Trusty looks great, I was getting a kick out of him on Sunday.
My choices for the contest:
1. Handmaiden Cashmere
2. Zen String Lotus Toes
3. Sasquatch
Thanks Tan!

Roberto Iza hat gesagt…

I followed a link from Lorinda's blog, and I am sure that I will be
back often. Best wishes!

ikkinlala hat gesagt…

Okay, I'd better leave my contest choices here before I completely forget to: in order, #15, #13, and #7. (It was a tough choice.)

That's a hilarious picture of Trusty!

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