Donnerstag, August 09, 2007

Ta Daaaaa!

Bellatrix, knitted in Wollmeise, colorway "Frosch" (frog)

Important Note: This is not a toe-up pattern. Repeat, this is not a toe-up pattern. Fact: Bellatrix is written as a normal, top-down pattern.

I just happen to knit everything toe-up. I will probably knit through the Cat Bordhi as written. I think some of them are knitted top down.


Margene hat gesagt…

That is one cool and funky sock!

Terri hat gesagt…

Super fabulous!

lorinda hat gesagt…

Wow! They look great.

Joanne hat gesagt…


Lynn hat gesagt…

Kermie must be so proud of you, and Miss Piggy jealous. Those are some seriously green [and effervescent] socks!

Anonym hat gesagt…

For the contest:

1. #13 Zen String
2. #17 Sasquatch (for my Yeti-loving daughter!)
3. #20 Sprites Sockyarn

Ooh, can I have a CD, too?

Audrey in Freeport, IL
rduede (at) aeroinc (dot) net

Venka hat gesagt…

Thanks for coming over to my blog and posting a comment - I thought I would return the kindness. I just finished these yesterday, and I like the length on yours. However, I am a dedicated top-down sock knitter, and constantly worrying that I will run out of wool.

Congrats on the finish, Happy Blogiversary and I'll be back to visit soon.

Sorcerer Queen
LNV Yarn Raiders

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