Donnerstag, August 09, 2007

Still Watching Harry

Joanne and I went to see Order of the Phoenix in 3-D one more time while it was still in the theater. Of course, new questions came up.

For example, what breed of dog does Sirius become? As a former wolfhound owner I wanted to think they had got a wolfhound, but in fact the dog is a Scottish Deerhound, a breed similar to but smaller than the wolfhound.

The aging of the characters jumped out at me this time. When the graveyard scene from Goblet of Fire and a current shot of Harry are juxtaposed, one can only assume Harry had an incredible growth spurt due to the very hot summer. Or something.

I don't think I would knit anything from the movie except possibly the cardi Ginny wears to catch the train at the end of the movie. The Patil twins' hats are cute, but nothing out of the ordinary. As costumes the knitting works well, but not as clothing. But what was it that Harry got from Mrs. Weasley for Christmas? I couldn't tell. The knitted item from these movies that I'm crazy for is Hermione's Fair Isle cardigan from the first movie.

Apparently it was on off-the-rack item, not designed specially for the movie, so no pattern.

OK, next question. Is Harry really that much shorter than Mr. Weasley (while waiting for Harry's trial, Harry only comes to Arthur's shoulder). Or did they use trick camera angles like those used in Lord of the Rings to make the hobbits look smaller? Daniel Radcliffe (Harry) is apparently 5'8" tall. But how tall is Mark Williams (Arthur Weasley)? According to IMDb, he's only 6'1" tall. So I think a little trick photography might have taken place. Or does Mr. Radcliffe's publicity sheet pad his height a little?

Random note: Joanne sent me a link to an NPR interview with Jim Dale where he talks about recording the Harry Potter books.

I guess I'm going to have to go give Trusty some attention. I just took the VCR remote away from him, and now he's trying to make Turbo get off the couch. He would never dare get on it while she is there, since she is the boss, but if he makes himself obnoxious enough for a long enough time by barking and drooling at her, he knows she will eventually get up and move.

Anyway, I want to finish the Bellatrix socks so I can get on to Cat Bordhi. See you later!

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Laritza hat gesagt…

The FI cardi is really pretty. Deep dark colors. As far as Harry I must be the only person left in the Universe that has not read one single book.
Ordered, check!

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