Donnerstag, August 16, 2007

The Loot is in the Mail

I got all y'all's stuff off at the post office today except for a couple that I didn't have addresses for. That would be Anne and JC. Most of the things will take three days.

Chris is in Portland Opera's production of Carmen next month. I decided to go the weekend of September 21st-23rd so that I can babysit while Sharman goes on opening night, then go myself on the 23rd.

I swear I did not check the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival website until after requesting my tickets.

What if The Raven Series is there? I am going to have to work hard to rebuild my supply of Chore Wars gold coins and yarny treasures, because last night I succumbed to the new Rowan book and a particular Kaffe Fassett wrap:

You know how Kaffe is. Can't do a thing without at least ten colors. And you know how KidSilk Haze is. It uses up your whole yarn budget without batting an eye.

In addition to being made to face yarn budget reality today, I was given some new tools for defusing anxiety.


Turtle hat gesagt…

Love the wrap! Beautiful colors...i wish my stash were so nice, lol! I just had to mapquest the fiber fair...portland is south of us 2.5-3 hours...not sure if i could talk him into going farther south!

Margene hat gesagt…

That scarf is hard to resist! You do know how to plan a trip around yarn, don't you! LOL

Tola hat gesagt…

have you seen the Kaffe Fassett Regia? i want some! am planning on trying Fawkes socks with my prize. it means learning how to read a chart. im kinda scared.

KnitNana hat gesagt…

Do you have ANY idea what you just did to me? I've ordered Rowan 42. I have 2 sks of Kidsilk Haze already in stash. It may take me 5 years to collect all that's needed but that wrap is amazing. Simply.STUNNING.

There are at least 2 other things in that issue that are very very appealing. I may be knitting for 20 years from the one book.
You enabler you...

Turtle hat gesagt…

Wow! Super fast! received the yarn today...loving it, many ideas surging through my head...will let yu know! Have not had a chance to pop the cd in yet, that will be in the morning in the music place! Thank you so much!

Lynn hat gesagt…

Tell Chris he was a lifesaver today [literally]. I was *so* tired when I left the office that I was afraid of falling asleep on the drive home. I listened to the entire CD, and four times to track #9.


Love the yarn, as does LittleBit, so this will probably end up as socks for her but maybe not. And she also loved track #9. She's thinking of "Habanera" for her senior voice recital.

Terri hat gesagt…

If the Raven Series is there you must take pictures. The add looks so beautiful. I am on pins and needles waiting to see the whole line.

Tola hat gesagt…

<-------- agrees with Terri

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