Freitag, August 10, 2007


Earlier this summer I was looking for cheap reads at because I had run out of credits. They had Dharma Bums by Jack Kerouac for $4.99. I had heard of Kerouac, although not the book; and it was read by Allen Ginsburg, also a familiar name. Plus, it was $4.99. Why not?

It turned out to be a hard listen. Ginsburg had used a "mushy" microphone, so I kept having to run the audio back to see what I had missed. The book got off to a slow start and I lost interest, listened to some abridged garbage, came back to it.

Then Kerouac got to a scene in which a carpenter friend was living in the woods with his barefoot wife and children, living off the land, drinking wine and listening to cool jazz. They sat up all night discussing Eastern religion. Whoa! I could almost hear the parts snapping together in my head. Was this the link between the Beat movement of the 50's and the Hippie movement of the 60's? Wikipedia said yes.

I think of the Beat movement as being intellectual, with poetry readings (it turns out a famous reading by Ginsburg is described in Dharma Bums) and brainy music. The Hippie movement, as I saw it, was more a matter of living for the moment with no thinking involved. Yet there was a link, and here it was. Some Beatniks left the smoky coffee houses and became Hippies. My mind was totally boggled. It was like figuring out where the Anasazi went.

Later I listened On the Road, which was equally enlightening culturally, but was incredibly depressing. On the Road has recently been reprinted in a 50th anniversary edition that apparently includes an unedited first draft and some scenes deleted to suit the conservative sexual mores of the 50's. There were a couple of quotes in Newsweek this week.

I read the quotes. I think I'll pass on the anniversary edition.

Moving from literary anniversaries to blogispheric ones, the deadline for entering my blogiversary contest is tonight at midnight, so if you want to make last minute changes or come to my house and see the loot in person, today's the day.

I'm sure you True Believers already know that Blue Moon has revived a couple of holiday colors and developed a couple more. I already have Dreidel from last winter. On Friday I ordered Hollyday (in STR mediumweight) and and X-mas Rock (in Silkie) using treasures I've earned playing Chore Wars. Yes, Sallee, I am still playing Chore Wars. I am such a geek. I am a level 13 Cleric in my housework game, and a level 3 Sorcerer at Lime & Violet's Yarn Raiders. But I'm saving my gold pieces (at a value of ten cents each) for the Raven Series which will not be out until next month or even later, so did not get Christmas Balls. For some reason Jingle Bell Rock doesn't grab me.

My skein of Philosopher's Stone was slightly damp when it arrived--apparently snatched from the drying rack a little prematurely, in an effort to get my order out promptly. I hung it up to dry, and it was so beautiful that I left it hanging over the weekend to admire it. Unfortunately, Che admired it, too.

It took an hour and a half to get the tangled mess sorted into a ball. Luckily Che had only bitten through it in one place.

This ball is not as big as my head, but it's as big as someone's head. Those are my headphones. My advice: If you plan to leave yarn around for your cat, pick something that doesn't have 500 yards to sort through later.

Check back tomorrow to find out whose names come out of the sorting sock for blogiversary prizes. And thanks for reading. I've had fun talking about yarn and complaining about life online for the last year, and knowing that someone really has been listening!


Tola hat gesagt…

i still think that cat thinks he was named after Che Guevara. evil thing! ;) ps wish me luck at the dye workshop, and that i wont repent going.

PaulaB hat gesagt…

I am so glad I found your blog... I wish I had a bishop like yours! If I had my druthers of the prizes, My 1st 3 picks would be (1) Zen String Draconian, (2) Fyberspates or (3) Sprites! However, I would not be opposed to the Lorna's Laces Lakeview, Dream in Color Smooshy or Lime & Violet Sasquatch. Any of these would immediately become socks for me, but at least one would match someone else's favorite color... PaulaB102 A T yahoo D O T com :-)

Anonym hat gesagt…

Ok, I will play. :>) I need more yarn or fiber like a hole in the head. ha!! I like numbers 14, 15, and 16. In that order. Judy J

Anonym hat gesagt…

Ok, I can't help it, even though I have no more space for any yarn. I like 13, 8, and 6--unless you think there's something else the Pea would like socks made out of better. (13 wouldn't be for her...) Although I feel bad asking for yarn, since you've already given me yarn quite recently.


J C hat gesagt…

Happy Blogiversary!!!!!
my 1st choice is #14
2nd #17
3rd #5

Terri hat gesagt…


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