Donnerstag, August 02, 2007

It's always something . . .

L-B, my Personal Enabler, just pointed out new colors at Blue Moon Fiber Arts. They've added Philosopher's Stone! Also, Coral, Stonewash (maybe that one was already there and I had just missed it), and Blue Brick Wall. And Cat Bordhi's new sock book. Waaaah! I want to go to the book launch! Portland always gets everything. It's not fair.

It's a good thing L-B doesn't have a podcast. She would be dangerous.

You already knew about Oregon Red Clover Honey, right? And the Bee Fields Shawl? See Cara's blog for the whole story.

I have Philosopher' Stone and Cat's book in my shopping cart at Blue Moon, but I'm holding off ordering. I have a new thing to try to make myself a more responsible yarn shopper:

I first saw this at Lime & Violet's Daily Chum, where they have a Raiders group set up to encourage people to finish their UFOs, etc. I played theirs for a couple of days, and then set up my own. Mine has things in it like "Take the dog out" and "Empty the Dishwasher." I'm giving myself a 10% chance for prizes such as 1/4 of a skein of yarn, and counting my gold pieces as 10 cents each. I'm not letting myself buy yarn until I have either a skein credit or the gold pieces.

I know, I know, it'll probably last until some time this afternoon.

For those of you who don't have stashes and aren't computer-game obsessed, go right ahead and groan.

For the rest of you, it's actually pretty fun. I thought Sharman's boys would die laughing when I had to fight a Dog Stalker Dog Poo Monster Heat Demon in order to get my points for taking the dog out. Incidentally, it turns out you have to separate your monsters with commas so they don't all merge into one.

Let's see. I have 99 gold pieces at Vortex of Chaos, and 50 at Yarn Raiders. That would be, umm, $14.90. That is not going to cover a skein of Philsopher's Stone in Peru (my new crush). I wonder how many points I should give myself for teaching a piano student on a day when I don't even normally teach?

Note: What part of "I only teach on Tuesdays and Wednesdays" doesn't this mom get? I could Just Say No, but she threatened me. If I didn't agree to have Dillon come today, she was going to make him walk up the hill in 88 degree heat yesterday at his regular lesson time. Most of my students are right here in the neighborhood, but Dillon lives a couple of miles away. He's a skinny little kid who's sick a lot. Obviously she knew she wouldn't have to carry out her threat. Of course I would teach him on Thursday rather than have him walk two miles up the hill in the heat.

I decided that the Chore Wars reward for teaching a make-up lesson against my will would be a free skein of yarn. You expected that, didn't you?


Tola hat gesagt…

ill bet youre a great teacher. if i lived nearby, id love to have DD take from you. but what is up with that mother??

Terri hat gesagt…

Philosophers Stone and Coral look very much like the Hercules and Brick Sea Wool I have from Fleece Artist.

I too would love to go to Cat's book launch I fell asleep last night trying to make it work.

For me, there will be no more buyinmg of yarn until I make the holiday list. With camp being next week the chances of me getting to the "holiday knitting list" in the next couple of weeks is slim.

Debra hat gesagt…

Cat's new book looks really cool!

Happy blogoversary!
I'd like to enter your contest.
Email: honeyninja @ gmail (dot) com

Choices: #1: Road to Socialism! (9) what a great name! #2: Lorna's laces (8), and #3: KP Geranium (6)

Thanks for hosting!

Tola hat gesagt…

so what new yarn will you get?

KnitNana hat gesagt…

You're so funny!
How long WILL this last???

Anonym hat gesagt…

I am so glad to hear about Peru. I've been thinking about it since it showed up on their site.

For the contest, @2, @5, and @9

spirkle at mindspring dot com

SheepsPyjamas hat gesagt…

How fun, I'm just thinking about a ChoreWars char now... What a hoot! And if I can earn yarn honestly, ooh, the possibilities...

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