Freitag, August 31, 2007

Is it real? Is it even?

OK, check this out. You need this. Do not tell me you don't need this.

Yes, click the picture to go to Archie McPhee

I wonder if I lived in Seattle and could actually go to Archie McPhee, if I would have any money left at all.

I should get some kind of dumbness prize. I went to NPJ today and picked up my copy of Little Knits.

You guys. It is the cutest knitting book in the world!!! I bought yarn to knit Princess P a red chenille riding jacket from it.

It should bridge the gap between her English riding helmet and her ostrich cowboy boots. She loves her boots so much that she wears them to church with her dress. She could wear the riding jacket to church, too.

So, you ask, why does getting the cutest knitting book in the world deserve a dumbness prize? Because it's just one more proof that my brain lives in some fantasy world of parallel universes, each with its own 24 hour day, while my knitting ability lives in this universe, where there is an hour or maybe two of knitting time on a normal day.

Look at this list.

  • I just signed up for composition lessons. I have to write a lot in the next three months so that I can be approved to do my senior project next semester.

  • I just bought yarn for that Earth Stripe Wrap. It was expensive. It involves knitting literally a mile and a half of yarn in stockinette stitch.

  • I promised all the grandkids mittens. Sure, they're little, but that's 18 total mittens.

  • I am two years behind in exchanges for my spinning guild. One of them, I haven't even done the spinning for. Yeah, I have sworn off joining any more exchanges, ever. But I should at least get these out. Of course, there's always January . . .

  • I have the yarn here somewhere for a vest for Owen from last year's cutest knitting book. He has probably outgrown it already. It would have been so cute.

  • Maybe I just feel overwhelmed because I spent the afternoon soaking and peeling cardboard off the subflooring in my kitchen and wiping up the slimy leftover glue and wasting four hours driving around to Trusty's groomer and the flooring store and even through NPJ was fun, it was 45 minutes in the opposite direction from the flooring store, and I have a rotten cold and I can't breathe.


    Terri hat gesagt…

    I am sorry you have had a bad day.

    So, have you already ordered the Pirate Organizer or can I pick one up for you? I will of course be heading down to pick up a handful. What great presents!

    One of the great thigns about Archie McPhee is that you can give everyone a $5 and they will come home with something cool! Cheaper than an afternoon at the Science Fiction Museum.

    Tola hat gesagt…

    you went to NPJ *today*? but im going through that town and on to Layton on saturday. *SIGH*

    Laritza hat gesagt…

    Hope you are feeling better today. One day at a time and everything will get done :D

    Lynn hat gesagt…

    The concept of a pirate organizer, or an organized pirate, is just flat *scary*! The kind of day you had would put anybody but Wonderwoman in a rubber room. Thou Shalt Not Beat Thyself Up.

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