Freitag, August 03, 2007

Die Wollmeise Bunny

You know how the Energizer Bunny just keeps on going and going and going . . .

Well, check out my Bellatrix socks:

July 10

July 28


And this is how much yarn I have left:

Yes, Sportsracers, I have only used up 1/3 of the yarn, and the socks are already the length I usually wear. They are witch socks (Bellatrix is about as evil as they come), so they should go all the way up my leg (according to Princess P).

How long is this going to take???

I have stopped working on everything else. I am still on clue four of the mystery stole, even though clue 5 is out. I still have not put the arms on the Dream in Color Tulip Baby Sweater, and I need to knit another one in the right size for Howwie & Amber's baby, who is probably coming out tonight or tomorrow. But it will be Bellatrix that I take to babysit when the phone call comes because I am obsessed!

My new Cat Bordhi book just came and I want to knit everything in it, but I have to find out just how long these socks will be if I knit a whole skein of Wollmeise!

Oh, I'm sorry. Was I shouting?


Tola hat gesagt…

is it a regular 100g ball?

uberstrickenfrau hat gesagt…

Maybe these socks want to become a body suit!!!

Sheknits hat gesagt…

The commercial with the Energizer Bunny has music by Benny Benassi....I have knit to this music (its techno) and definitely felt like the bunny.
Thanks for having a contest, I am going to meniton it on my next podcast (She-Knits Podcast).
My choices to enter are #2,#6,#9
Good luck to the handsome singer of the CD!

Lynn hat gesagt…

Well, those socks certainly explain why I've been hearing the "ho ho ho" of the Jolly Green Giant since I sat down to the computer.

I'm having a similar experience with my brown and grey striped sock; I'm almost to the point where I have to decide if I want to do a short-row heel or a toe-up gusset, and the ball looks only a bit smaller than when I started. I was hoping for a pair of taller-than-average socks, so I bought three balls. I may finish with kilt hose or thigh-highs!

ck hat gesagt…

That color is great!

For the contest...I like #8, #5 and #2.

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