Freitag, August 24, 2007

Breakfast at IKEA

Say, that's catchy. I wonder if it would work as a movie title. Yes, you can eat breakfast at IKEA. They open half an hour early and block off the rest of the store. It was pretty good fast food, bacon and eggs with hash browns and french toast sticks for $2.00. We got there too late for the Swedish pancakes with lingonberry sauce but you can buy a mix.

I photo'd a bunch of yarns to show you, but then my Rockin' Sock Club kit surprised me by actually showing up, so the yarn reviews sort of fell through. But you might as well look at them since they are already uploaded.

Here we have (top) the Loopy anniversary yarn "Happy Anniversary to Ewe" from J. Knits, and Fleece Artist Somoko in "Ruby." This one was new to me. Fiber content=merino, kid, nylon, silk.

I got these in the Loopy Ewe update one ago; I skipped the most recent one. I am doing really well on my ChoreWars thing where I can't buy yarn unless I have some yarny treasures. I am saving up the gold for my trip to Oregon, where I hope to make it to OFFF early enough to score some Blue Moon goodies. Will Ravens be there?

Next, my holiday yarns from Blue Moon: left, "Hollyday" in Medium Weight and "X-mas Rock" in Silkie. No clue what I will do with these yet, but Hollyday might be saying "monkey."

This is the yarn from the Loopy Ewe club offering for August. It is very autumny. I've heard people describe it as too bright, but I am totally sucked in. Sorry I don't have the pattern handy (I think it's buried on my dresser somewhere) but it has a kind of leaf/diamond design. I plan to use the stitch pattern, but my current project is to knit through Cat Bordhi's new book so I will be using one of her sockitectures for the shaping.

One of the fun things about Loopy kits is the extras you get. This one had a little zippered vinyl bag which I have already put my stitch markers into, probably inspired by the addition of these adorable stitch markers which were also in the club kit:

And this one was the latest Yarn Pirate offering. The yarn has an interesting, fluffy texture.

I kind of liked the last one better, but it is on my dresser. The dresser has turned into the locale for things I want to knit next. Since it is piled about 2 feet high, this might be overly optimistic.

I was feeling stupid for joining yarn tree's club because it was so expensive, but then look at all the cool stuff she sent me:

The yarn is Schaefer Anne. There are dyer's notes (an interview with the dyer), two patterns, a cute hand-made tote bag (shown under the yarn), and a DVD of knitting hints. I haven't checked it out yet, but it sounds fun.

Since I lost my mind and registered for composition lessons this semester, I will probably be blogging a lot less. Igor, the graduate student I was studying with a couple of years ago, says "Always write." I haven't been doing that. So now I will have to start. I am at least as famous as Igor, so I am going to make my own quote: "Always knit." Or maybe I just unvented that one.

At least I don't go around telling people, "This is boring," which is another famous Igor quote.

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Tola hat gesagt…

i *love* the IKEA house brand 100g chocolate bars. super yum, and my daughter doesn't care for them, so double score!

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