Samstag, Juli 14, 2007

Yarn Report


Positive Seelenbaume/Negative Menschenhauser

So did you know Opal is doing yarn based on art? I had no idea. This is why I have to listen to the WEBS podcast, Ready, Set, Knit! That, and they interview such interesting people.

The artist these yarns are based on is Austrian painter and architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser.

Opal Yarn USA
shows the paintings as well as the yarns. I had originally purchased only #1431 and #1436, but when I saw the paintings I had to get #1430 "The Road to Socialism," #1432 "Blue Moon," and #1434 "Waiting Houses" as well.

Later I realized that I probably already have #1430. Look at these socks and see what you think:

My socks

Their socks

I hope you will click the link to read about the artist. I especially love the essay about Window Dictatorship and Window Rights.

I have some samples of Blue Moon Fiber Arts's new yarns and colors to show you, but probably will not have time to post about them until Monday. Paul had to work today, so I pretended to be him. This meant driving from store to store and into Salt Lake looking at gas barbecue grills, calling him to describe what I was seeing, and finally going back to the first place to buy the first one I had looked at. I only got one thing done from my list, photographing Ruffles, who will be on her way to England on Monday to my very special internet godchild, Estra. Ruffles missed the post office today, but she is all packed up with her American passport and a CD with the pictures, so she is ready to go.

Left: Snuffles, my birthday gift from Estra and her mom, Helen; Right, Ruffles, my birthday gift to Estra; from Build-a-Bear. My favorite thing about Snuffles is his recorded message from Helen and Estra. I love hearing their voices! So Ruffles has a recorded message from me; I hope they can stand the American accent.

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Yeah but it's Opal. I'm not spending $20+ on Opal. And I love British accents too. My VIP is a Brit.

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