Montag, Juli 09, 2007

What Would Bellatrix Do?

OK, folks. Which yarn do you think would look more witchy for my Bellatrix stockings? I have Smooshy in Gothic Rose. Bellatrix looks very Goth to me, with the dropped stitches and all.

Dream in Color Smooshy in Gothic Rose

But on the other hand, would Bellatrix choose a color at all close to Gryffindor's red? It seems as if all the Unforgiveable Curses, Bella's favorites, produce a green flash, so maybe this would be more appropriate:

I'm sorry, I seem to be having technical difficulties with this photo.

OK, here we go.

Wollmeise in Frosch. I think it is the high intensity, but not sure.

The Smooshy will get me the stitch count the pattern calls for. But maybe the Wollmeise will produce a more appropriate stocking. I can always up the stitch count if I have to.

I didn't post for a week because I was roasting to death without air conditioning and it made me grumpy and sulky and I had to stay in my room under the ceiling fan or else risk killer headaches. However, before the air conditioning died entirely (i.e. before we dropped $10K on a new system which only worked for 16 hours and then conveniently died on the weekend when we could not get warranty service), we did a couple of fun things.

For example, we decorated Bug Cakes. They come out of the pan looking like this:

I couldn't believe how well the Everbake Pan Spray from the Baker's Catalog worked to get these little cakes out with all their detail. I sprayed and floured lightly and voila!

Not that all that detail mattered once the little people got going on them.

Butterfly by G

Ladybug by O

Ladybug by E

Quote of the day:

O: [squishing on more frosting] This is going to be really yummy!
Another child: That looks really messy.
Mom: Don't tell O that his cake looks messy.
O: I want them to say that!

Tool of the day: Pampered Chef cake decorating set
Note: to view product, get into their website, then search on "Decorator Bottle Set," or its product number, 1585


Terri hat gesagt…

I vote green!

Tell the kids I think the cakes are beautiful!

Lynn hat gesagt…

I like the lovely "deseret"s.

I'm not enough of a HP aficionada to know which color might be appropriate for the design. But speaking as someone who loves red and generally only likes green, I'd go with the first yarn.

I looked at that TigerEye yarn. Ay ay aiiii! Have you knitted anything with their Silkie yarn?

Laritza hat gesagt…

I would use the green yarn for the socks. Cute cakes.

Tola hat gesagt…

GREEN!!! I think I may use the name Bellatrix for my SCA name, as we already have a Bella Donna in our shire. Do you think you could help me figure out a knee-high sock pattern because my kid is begging me for some and I cannot figure out the stupid pattern that Cara uses.
PS Missed you while you were gone!

Joanne hat gesagt…

Another vote for green, the red IS very goth, but the green is very Bellatrix.

ikkinlala hat gesagt…

As somebody who doesn't remember who Bellatrix is (I got as far as the second book, but I don't remember them very well now), I'd choose the red because from the pictures in the link I like the pattern better in a solid colour.

KnitNana hat gesagt…

While the yarn is scrumptious (and those cakes are adorable) - I'll take that Siamese, please...

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