Montag, Juli 23, 2007

Something else to waste time on

That was so you would have something entertaining to look at while I am trying to find my camera. I am in the death throes of cleaning my bathroom drawers. That stuff is in there because I don't know where else to put it, so how does taking it out and sorting it help? The garbage bag is ominously small. The camera is in a box somewhere in the bathroom, but may not show up until I reload the drawers.

Things I plan to post when I find my camera:

Blogiversary prizes! My blogiversary is on August 14th (see ticker). I have prizes for people who comment that day. Somewhere around here I have an extra set of kitchener stitch markers, and I just ordered another set of Harry Potter stitch markers since I can't bear to part with mine. It would help my stash a lot if I would share some sock yarn and spinning fiber. There might be a spindle gathering dust that would like a new home. So it will kind of be like the big stash giveaway I had last year, only way more controlled.

Yarn! I still want to review the new yarns I got from Blue Moon, such as their incredibly soft and thick 50% alpaca yarn, Peru, and to-die-for new laceweights, Silk Thread and Laci; plus I could show you my Yarn Pirate club yarn.

Knitting! Yes, I'm doing the Mystery Stole. And I have my Bellatrix socks past the heel (knitting toe-up). Only I may be knitting those for the rest of my life. Wollmeise has a lot of yardage. Princess P (age six now) looked at the remaining balls of yarn and asked if I was going to knit them long enough to cover my whole leg like a real witch. Maybe!

My other project today is visiting a retirement home for my parents. Robin, my sister who lives closest to them (a half hour drive away), teaches school and cannot drop everything to spend the day driving them the hour and a half to Idaho Falls every time they have a doctor's appointment or want to go to Wal-Mart. Yes, believers, there are people who live an hour and a half from the nearest Wal-Mart. And we do not want them driving themselves, since Dad no longer believes in the existence of red lights, whether on stop lights or the rear ends of cars. Mom doesn't drive since she got lost going to Robin's and ended up in a ditch.

The worst thing is the level of emergency care where they live: in other words, Dad. When Mom had chest pains at 2:00 a.m., they decided it was too difficult to drive to the emergency room, which is half an hour away. There seemed no point to call an ambulance, since when their cleaning lady collapsed in their yard last fall the ambulance took so long to come that the poor woman had expired before it arrived. So Dad just gave mom one of his nitroglycerine pills and put her on his spare oxygen tank and they went back to bed.

As it turns out, it was angina and he had done the right thing. But I shudder to think what else they can come up with, out there in the boonies with only the cows for neighbors.


Margene hat gesagt…

Aging parents are such a worry! Good luck to you as you try and figure out what's best for them.

QueenMeadow hat gesagt…

I'm sorry about your parents, it has to be so scary and stressful figuring out what is best for them.

Good luck organizing the bathroom drawers. My desk has all the piles of "where do I put it?" stuff, not fun.

Jersey Shore Deb hat gesagt…

I am going through something a bit similar with my parents. It is not easy. I wish you the best with getting them settled somewhere where everyone can rest easier.


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