Montag, Juli 30, 2007

Not a whole lot going on

Our Harry Potter party was relaxing and fun.

Joanne decorated cookies:

These are just the ones that made it home; the "Weasley is our King" one was just too perfect to eat.

I thought the Harry Potter Scene-It 2 game was a little slow. The trivia cards were more interesting than the on-screen items. We didn't play the board game version, and I think if we had, the on-screen stuff would have been less boring. Despite having used the words "slow" and "boring" to describe this game, I would still recommend it for Harry Potter fans wanting entertainment at a get-together. With the trivia cards included, the game should work for any age of Harry-movie-watcher. Also, it did include trivia and some scenes from the newest movie, which suprised me. OK, I guess that shouldn't surprise me. It's all marketing.

Sharman's family will be here for only one more week, so I'm planning less fiber action and more family interaction. However, I have updated my Blogiversary prize list. Changes included eight more prizes, and now the prizes are numbered to make it easier to indicate which you want.

Caveat: I plan to add more prizes, so you might want to hold off on what you request until I get them all up. I think I can have everything organized by August 7th so you have a week to think before I give out prizes on August 14th, my actual Blogiversary.

Unlike some of the other awesome prize giveaways we've seen online lately (I'm thinking of Claudia's prizes for the MS bike-a-thon), these are mostly out of my stash. Giving away yarn and other items is an officially recommended method for decreasing stash.


Chris hat gesagt…

That's a fabulous cookie! Hee hee.

Congrats on your upcoming blogiversary! I'm not leaving my email address because you should receive it with this comment...

1. Lakeview
2. Fyberspates
3. Opal

Margene gave me the heads up on your contest - I'll post about it tomorrow.

Tola hat gesagt…

okay either the HP or the LL.

Terri hat gesagt…

AH! There are 2 prizes that I would LOVE to have. Do I send my choices in now or later? It is so hard to wait, but I know you have great tase and that something else wonderful may come along. AH!

SheepsPyjamas hat gesagt…

Since you so kindly mentioned update possibilities, may I revise to #6 (KP gladiolus), #17 (Sasquatch), and #20 (Sprites), again, no particular order. Choosing was very difficult, though...

And in answer, I've knit with Blue Moon just once, visited the site many times, but can't seem to get together a shopping cart of less than hubby would screech for a week about. I keep hoping he'll give me a visit there for my birthday, or something... No, I have no will at all, I admit it, but I figure that's part of my charm... :^)

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