Freitag, Juli 27, 2007

Klaatu Barada what?

The great robot waits in hibernation. Klaatu has left him with instructions not to move unless the ship is threatened. And so he waits.

But what is this? One of the soft earth-beings has entered his sensor-field. A threat! His visor opens. A flash of blue light shoots out, and the earth-being is flooded with

liquid soap!

Oh man, I am so crazy about Simplehuman products. It all started 8 months ago with a giant wastebasket in the kitchen, then progressed to a dog-proof one in the office after Trusty tried to chew up an empty printer cartridge. How empty are they, really? Did I want to find out? So now I have a teensy wastebasket for my bathroom counter and a robotic Gort-like soap dispenser for the kitchen. It was a little pricey, so I just got a normal one for the bathroom.

As I've mentioned before, my Blogiversary is coming up on August 14th. I have had a lot of fun blogging over the past year. I enjoy reading the blogs I find through comments on my posts, so I want to celebrate my year in the Blogisphere with a contest. Everyone is eligible except spammers and Death Eaters.

The rules and an up-to-date list of the prizes I've come up with so far are available at Blogiversary Prizes.


Laritza hat gesagt…

If I could get a prize I would go for the Opal yarn, to match more Opal yarn I brought back with me. The trip was wonderful!

Tola hat gesagt…

Ooh Harry Potter stitch markers! (Or pink sock yarn). Love your blog, as you well know.

z's momma hat gesagt…

HP stitch markers, most cool.


Anonym hat gesagt…

1. sock yarn
2. HP stitch markers
3. kitchener stitch markers

Love the blog; I'm glad I found you!

rduede AT aeroinc DOT net

teabird hat gesagt…

The Day the Earth Stood Still is my favorite movie!

um -
Opal road to socialism
Zen string draconian
Gladiolus Knit Picks

teabird17 A T yahoo D O T com

Anonym hat gesagt…

1. Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock yarn
2. Knit Picks gladiolus
3. Harry Potter stitch markers

Great blog! Glad to have found you. :)

Kassia (

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