Dienstag, Juli 10, 2007

Feeling Harryed

For those with more flame-colored yarn in their stashes, the Fawkes pattern is up on Socktopia

Yes! I finished my Firebird socks just in time to wear them to the movie.
I did have some doubts about wearing wool socks in 96 degree weather, but they really wanted to go

Bellatrix went, too.

Bellatrix, like many other members of the Black family (including Sirius), is named after a star

The movie was super. I thought the writers did a better job than some have at using the actual language of the book. As usual, concepts are compressed, conjoined, and omitted to make the movie flow and not take 20 hours to run. But the main points were there, and the photography and special effects were really lovely.

The 3-D Imax version is fun, but the 3-D-ification process is still a little rough. I was left a little wonky by it and, after the movie, could not simultaneously watch the titles and walk.

Many thanks to Dave and Teri for inviting us to the preview, and to Sam and Sarah for entering the art contest and winning us all an upgrade to the Imax showing.

Technical Notes on the Socks:
The Firebird socks are knitted in STR lightweight with the Solstice Slip pattern that came with the club kit. I wanted something feathery-looking for the sock edge, so I knitted on individual points. Before starting the points I did several rows of K3 P2 ribbing in pattern with the cables. Then for each point I did K2 tog, K1, SSK to eliminate the purl stitches, knitted back backwards on those three stitches, then a Sl 1 K 2 tog PSSO centered decrease, cut the yarn leaving about 4" yarn, and pulled it through. For the following points I started the yarn again, then after finishing the points I tied both ends of the yarn in a series of overhand knots, finishing with a square knot. When the sock was finished I trimmed the yarn to about an inch.

I am knitting the Bellatrix socks in Wollmeise on #1 needles. This gives me a slightly looser fabric than I like (I am knitting my other Wollmeise socks on #0), but is fitting my foot on the 60 stitches called for. I am pulling the stitches pretty tight on the row where I drop the extra yarn-overs, and I like the way it looks. It seems to be keeping the sock from getting baggy to keep that row really tight.

Random Content:
Here is something I have been wondering about that has nothing to do with knitting. Why do Portlanders use their aiport code, PDX, so proudly and ubiquitously? When you go there a sign says, "Welcome to PDX." Say you go to New Orleans, a sign might say "Welcome to The Big Easy." They would never say "Welcome to MSY" or give themselves an email handle containing it. We use SLC here a lot, but that's only because we've got an airport code that literally is the city's initials. You have to have a three-word city name for that to work (think NYC). The use of PDX everywhere makes me thing I'm missing something, some other meaning that the letters have. Maybe I'm thinking of PDQ.


Laritza hat gesagt…

Cute socks. I bet the wool socks @ 96 degrees were no problem inside the theater!

Margene hat gesagt…

I love the socks! Great edging...perfect for the yarn. In a movie theater you likely needed socks this time of year!

Joanne hat gesagt…

Your firebird socks look great and the green yarn is RIGHT on! Thank goodness the animals finally let you start knitting them :) I can't wait for the movie! Thanks for not spoiling it, you have succeeded in getting me even more excited! (can that be possible?)

Terri hat gesagt…

Oh, that green is bea-U-tiful. I think Loopy Ewe will be including Wollmeise in this weeks sneak up. No sleep that night.

Rhonda the Stitchingnut hat gesagt…

The fringe tops are wild! And I have no problem wearing wool socks in summer ... in air conditioned offices. ;-)

Holly hat gesagt…

Thanks for the fringe info! It's a nice addition to the Firebirds.

blopeep hat gesagt…

How did you manage to get your hands on Wollmeise?!!??! I've been emailing these folks regularly and can't seem to get them to respond to me. :-( I'd love to try out their yarn.

Ute hat gesagt…


your Firebird socks look soooooo fantastic. It´s a very very nice pattern. :o)))

Greetings to you

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