Samstag, Juli 21, 2007

Book Seven

You're going to love it. I cried so hard!

OK, that's a more-or-less quote from Dr. Who, so you can't call it a spoiler.

Standing in line was fun, by the way. On a whim, Paul and I went to an all-night grocery store that had not expected an event. We got there around 11:40 p.m. As the line quickly grew to 300 people, they kept repeating the same announcement: There were only 180 books; they would sell only one to a customer; no line-crashing allowed; and if you were buying groceries, you better hurry because after midnight you would have to go to the end of the Harry Potter line to check out.

My copy hasn't arrived yet. I'm on my way out to deliver my midnight copy to my daughter-in-law, who is waiting for a UK copy to arrive later in the week, and when UPS finally brings the Amazon one I'll lend it to my daughter.

People keep asking me things that might have happened in the book, and I'm not telling, but I will say that the Darth Vader scenario did not play out; neither Snape nor Voldemort turns out to be Harry's father. So if you were counting on that one, I feel for you.

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