Freitag, Juli 13, 2007

Book Report

I am not sure I am going to make it through The Friday Night Knitting Club. It showed up on and I had heard it was good, but I realize that everyone's definition of a good book is different.

In the first 2 1/2 hours of listening, all that happened was the introduction of about as many characters as there are in War and Peace. It looks as if the rest of part one is going to be backstory on each character. Someone please tell me that after all this frontloading, something will actually happen in the second half.

I wish I had downloaded another Terry Pratchett instead. Oh, wait . . . it looks as if I did download another Terry Pratchett already. Thank goodness.

In better news, I got my first issue of Knitsimple and it made me really happy because it reminded me that fall is coming and it has an amazing modular bag that I really need to knit.

And listen to this: My hairdresser has decided to start knitting, because he watches Knitty Gritty in the morning while he works out. How 'bout that? I told him he should check out some of the knitting blogs, such as The Yarn Harlot. He said, "The Yarn WHAT????!!!!" Hey, this is Utah, guys.


Lynn hat gesagt…

I *heart* Terry Pratchett!

Tola hat gesagt…

Your hairdresser boggles my mind!

jenifleur hat gesagt…

I was sent a preview copy of that book in the hopes that I'd spread the word about it. I didn't review it or mention it on my blog because I didn't really have anything nice to say about it. Contrived is the word that leaps to mind. Yes, bazillions of characters, all straining hard to conform to their own personal stereotype of being individuals. I would have sworn it was written by a high school student. The fact that they sent this book out with the proclamation that Julia Roberts asked to be in the movie makes me want to see it even less.

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