Dienstag, Juli 31, 2007

Blue Moon: A Closer Look at Some New Yarns

Note: I can't really call this a review, since I have not knitted with all of these yarns. And I have to apologize for the photos, since the close-ups are not consistent enough for accurate comparison. However, they will at least show you the texture of the yarn, if nothing else.

You already know I'm nuts about Blue Moon Fiber Arts yarns, right? Well, about a month ago Tina introduced some new yarns as well as new colorways. Most of the colorways are available in all of the yarns, so I decided to get a sampling of both.
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This is Silk Thread in the Stormy Weather colorway. It absolutely blew me away. It looks like quicksilver. You know, that stuff in thermometers?
Content: 100% Silk
Weight: 3.5oz.
Gauge: lace weight
Length: 1,250 yards

Laci is the new wool laceweight, shown here in Amber. There is a lot of yardage:
Content: 100% Extra Fine 80's Merino
Weight: 8oz.
Gauge: lace weight
Length: 1,750 yards
Twisted in Space Dust. Twisted is one of Blue Moon's thicker yarns, a worsted weight, but it doesn't feel heavy and dense. This looks like a scarf to me.
Content: 100% Merino Wool
Weight: 8 oz.
Length: 560 yards
Gauge: 4-5 sts per in. on US 8
OK, Peru is a yarn I want to put on my head. Another worsted weight with great yardage in the hank, this stuff is soft! With this content, how could it not be?
Content: 50% Alpaca / 30% Merino / 20% Silk
Weight: 8 oz.
Length: 500 yards
Gauge: 4-5 sts per in. on US 8
Silkie Socks that Rock, shown here in Brick, was first introduced with the April club kit. The silk in the yarn takes the dye a little differently, giving the yarn an almost translucent look. My socks had to be frogged back a couple of times, and the silk got a little fuzzy, making me wonder if that will happen with heavy wear, too. In future I'll probably knit Silkie into accessories that don't get walked on.
Content: 81% Superwash Merino / 19% Silk
Weight: 3.5oz.
Length: 360 yards
Unless you're very new to Blue Moon, you've probably already knitted with STR lightweight. It's my favorite sock yarn, and this one, Pinto Pony Calico, is my favorite of the new colorways--although it was devilish hard to pick between it and Minestone (below).
Content: 100% Superwash Merino
Weight: 4.5oz.
Gauge: 8 sts per inch on US size 1 (2.25mm)
Length: 360 yards
When I want socks that will knit up fast, I choose STR Mediumweight, shown here in Minestone. It's a great weight for Monkeys.
Content: 100% Superwash Merino
Weight: 5.5oz.
Gauge: 8 sts per inch on US size 2 (2.75mm)
Length: 380 yards

I haven't had a Trusty update in a while. Here he is on the new rug, with the new hardwood floor and the old couch in the background.

Yes, the old couch* is going downstairs. A new, solid-colored one is coming on Friday. I bought a matching throw for it in hopes of collecting the Trusty hair and drool on something washable. So far he has refused to lie on the throw, so maybe it will keep him off the new couch entirely.

I have added one new item to the Blogiversary Prize list, a copy of the CD Chris is sending to agents. I can make several of these if more than one person is interested. I can't tell you how incredible Chris's voice is. The only person who comes close is Bryn Terfel, and that's only in Bryn's most lyrical moments. Chris makes Josh Groban sound like Snow White.

*sofa, Chesterfield, Davenport (according to OED, a Davenport folds out into a bed)


Laritza hat gesagt…

What a wonderful review! Thanks!

Tola hat gesagt…

add "davenport" to couch, sofa, and chesterfield. that's the word my dad uses, and always has.

uberstrickenfrau hat gesagt…

Hi! came over here from Chris'. Not too sure where to enter your contest, hope here is ok. Heres my choices: #8, #6, #2,
Hope you have another great year blogging and very nice prizes for your contest! knitfrauATsioDOTmidcoDOTnet

Terri hat gesagt…

Here are my choices.
#3 pencil roving bump
#4 ceramic whorl spindle

Can I save my third choice till later? I would love to hear Chris' cd.


Margene hat gesagt…

OH NO!!! I can't go to Blue Moon and shop...I CAN'T!! They are all, all so wonderful...sigh.

ambermoggie hat gesagt…

I would love
lornas laces yarn
harry potter stitch markers
and happy anniversary

Anne hat gesagt…

Feels very cheeky just coming over here and saying "I'd like
3, 4 or 12 please - in order of preference", but that's what you asked us to do...

Katherine hat gesagt…
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lorinda hat gesagt…

I'm with miss cheeky anne about placing my prize order, but I'm glad I came. I'm enjoying your blog. Thanks for the contest and happy blogiversary!

I like:
#5 Fyberspates sock yarn
#6 KnitPicks Gladiolus sock yarn
#10 Harry Potter stitch markersh

uberstrickenfrau hat gesagt…

Hey! I am sooo impressed you actually took the time to read my little fiction! Thanks! I felt really honored.

SheepsPyjamas hat gesagt…
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SheepsPyjamas hat gesagt…

Ooh, my, we end up here because someone mentioned the word "contest" and get bombarded by more can't resist goodies (I will not surf to Blue Moon, willnotwillnotwill...)... As far as the contest, happy blogiversary, indeed, indeedy! And for my cheeky choices, I'd go with the Zen String Lotus Toes, Knit Picks Gladiolus colorway, and Lorna's Laces, not, actually, in any particular order because how would one decide?
Oops... forgot addy: sheepspyjamas at gmail dot com ... one more try...

Turtle hat gesagt…

They are all beautiful choices! As a singer myself i am curious to hear Chris' voice....but i am a yarn whore, self admitedly!

#6, 8 or 5 the spindle and roving look beautiful as well.

Happy blogiversary!!

moonhonu at yahoo dot com

catsmum hat gesagt…

my choices would be 4,8, and 5, although from the look of the track list I'd quite like the CD as well.

allergicmom hat gesagt…

It looks like you've got a great collection! My top 3 (it was hard to choose!):
Lorna's Laces Lakeview
Socialist Opal yarn (love the name!)
Harry Potter stitch markers

catsmum hat gesagt…

and I just realised that I forgot to leave the email addy on the earlier post so :

Victoria hat gesagt…

Hello ...been a lurker for a while but couldn't resist your contest...:-) i like the way you write and enjoy reading what you have to say

my choices for prizes would be
10, 3 and 8

Put a Sock in it hat gesagt…

Happy blogiversary! :)

As others have said, it seems jolly rude to say I'd like x, y, z; but wouldn't it also be rude to ignore you? ;) It's very generous of you to offer such lovely goodies, so thanks for the opportunity.

Being a sockaholic, my choices would be:
#2 Zen String, #5 Fyberspates, #8 LL Shepherd Sock

The CD at #12 sounds wonderful too though. Just my kind of music.

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