Mittwoch, Juni 06, 2007

Spin or Dye

I have been spinning.

I started yesterday at about 11:00 a.m. with one bobbin of orange, green, and yellow singles, and three bobbins-full of purple ones. At about midnight the orange skein was finished and drying, and I had a full bobbin of plied purple yarn, with maybe another half a bobbin to go. I had listened to the first nine CDs of Harry Potter: The Half-Blood Prince (preparing for The Deathly Hallows).

This morning I had spinitus interruptus because Stephanie has that tulip baby sweater on her blog again. I resisted it before, but there were so many of them on the blog this morning that I couldn't stand it. I wasted about two hours trying to find the yarn for it online.

String Theory Yarn Company has it! In fact, someone at their shop designed it. So don't waste your time, just order it from them. They can sell kits or the pattern with full skeins. And if they run out, Knitter's Palette has the pattern in stock and will be getting a new order of the yarn next week (although they sell full skeins only).

I am going to go finish plying my purple singles now. And then I will have to re-set the dye in the orange skein, because it bled like crazy when I washed it last night. I guess that's not exactly dyeing. Post-dyeing? Salvage dyeing? Anyway, I hope it works.

This yarn is for an exchange, and it was due last August. I got stuck on the project because the exchange wool was white. It didn't occur to me at the time that I could just leave it white. No, I had to dye it. The orange wool was supposed to come out peach and pale leaf and delicate gold and go with the purple in a fair isle pattern.


I can just hear my exchange person now: "What did she do to my wool? Why did she pick two non-coordinating colorways? What was she thinking?" Probably I had better drop it off at her work when she isn't there.

I think I will just leave this year's exchange wool natural. It's better that way.

And once this exchange spinning and knitting are done, I vow never to enter another exchange. It's better that way, too.


Terri hat gesagt…

OOOO pretty.

I have only done one swap. It seemed like such a good idea at the time, but it turned out to be stressful. Knitting for someone you do not know is really hard.

So did you make it 9 days without buying yarn? Did you set a new record?

Laritza hat gesagt…

I did the same thing! I got natural colors and did not like them. So I blended the batch, brown, gray and white and did not like it. I dyed it with "watermelon" and it came out orange. I added some glitz, I liked it a lot......I have the feeling that the owner did not so much.....oh well! where is the fun anyway? Your purple yarn is very pretty. The orange also but I think they don't quite go together.....over-dye?

Terri hat gesagt…

Let's see it!!!! A 3 day indie buyer binge? OMG!

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