Montag, Juni 25, 2007

Reality Check

I tried singing along with the national anthem at Howard's concert in the park last night. I was able to bark out most of the notes, although I had to drop an octave here and there. This means that the nerve in my neck has recovered, so if I wanted to I could return to voice lessons and possibly redevelop some kind of singing voice. The question is, is it worth the effort?

I'm sure that when I was singing BTS* I didn't ever sound as good as I thought I did, and it used to really bug Paul when I would jump to the high note at the end of songs ("the land of the freeEEEE!"; "happy birthday TO YOUUUUUU!"). I would have to start over from scratch. It would be a lot or work. Judging from how I reacted to voice therapy, it might be depressing, too. So--maybe not right now.

Trusty faced his own demons before the concert, in the form of a horrible monster with a black protruberance on the front sprouting extra arms and legs. Despite my reassurances that the monster was not going to get him, he embarrassed himself next to the picnic table. Luckily for Trusty, the protruberance came off and the monster resolved into two perfectly normal humans, although he had to lick Baby Aeowyn's foot to make sure something that small really was human.

Facing reality in knitting can be a challenge, too.

  • With some 600 yards of handspun to knit for the overdue exchange, that's probably all I will be knitting this summer.

  • Hmmm. Maybe I should redye that orange one today. Since we're not going to the zoo.

  • I wonder if I can get the other exchange out on time? I haven't even started the spinning yet. Although it's only 8 oz. of fiber, half what I spun for the other exchange.

  • My mother's silver sweater will be lucky to be finished by Christmas, let alone her birthday.

  • Blue Glass Fish and Pink and Blue Orchid stitch markers from Sunneshine

  • The blue bamboo sweater will probably end up in stash, since I haven't gotten very far on it and I plan to be a smaller size by next summer.

  • With 7 sock projects on the needles and the above-mentioned knitting load, the chances I will knit Cookie A. kneesocks for anyone by Christmas are not way good

  • Metropolis Sock

    Note to Laurel and Joanne: You should still decide which Cookie A. socks you want, just in case--Please check them out and let me know which stocking you like and what color, and email me.

    And then there's the mitten knitting I promised to six of the eight grandchildren. I'll have to start knitting those two at a time the way I do socks, judging by past performance.

    Well, I have orders from my doctor to reduce my stress level, and knitting is my most therapeutic activity. I may just go back to La-La Land, where I can finish it all up in no time and start more projects! Reality? We don't need no stinkin' reality!

    *BTS: Before Thyroid Surgery


    Margene hat gesagt…

    You may as well take that ticker tape down now! LOL
    Keep knitting...nice bunch of socks you've got going!

    Terri hat gesagt…

    What is the mitten yarn? It is so pretty!

    Laritza hat gesagt…

    Just keep having fun. Reality for what? love the colors! Poor dog! I would have run away at the sight of something like that :D

    No tickers