Freitag, Juni 29, 2007


1. A gripping, bookish, romantic mystery novel by A.S. Byatt

2. A Gwyneth Paltrow movie based on the book

3. My relationship to sock yarn

I'm starting to think I don't own it, it owns me. In one of the podcasts I listen to, and I am forgetting which one, a comment was made about stash size. The 'caster said she was not as bad as Miss Lime, who apparently has 80 skeins of sock yarn.

This got me thinking. I made a rough count of the yarn in my computer room closet. I say rough count, because there are a couple of skeins of laceweight in there, and because some may have gotten pushed behind others and missed getting counted.

There were 115 of them. And there were a few in the kitchen that hadn't been stashed yet . . .

Posh yarns Hobnob

Merino/Cashmere sock in Daisy
from The Knittery

Pretty Pirate from Yarn Pirate

Sundara Yarns Petals Collection
Blue Grape Hyacinth

Jubilee Sock Yarn from
Misty Mountain Farms in Apple Rose.
It doesn't look much like the dyelot Sheri had, does it?

And those are just the fancy-pants, hand-dyed sock yarns. I keep my solids and commercially dyed sock yarns downstairs in a couple of those big plastic drawer/bins. There could be another 40-50 skeins down there.

Plus, I don't feel as if I'm knitting productively if I'm not working on socks. I finished my Grasshoppers on Wednesday,

BMFA 2007 Rockin' Sock Club

Then I thought I would finish up the too-small Tulip Sweater. I did all the edging, but I didn't feel like doing the sleeves.

I just couldn't go to bed last night until I had finished the gussets on my Firebird Socks.

So, what does it mean that I have more sock yarn than Miss Lime? Maybe it only means I've been knitting socks longer--almost 11 years. But maybe it means I'm possessed by sock knitting. Or that I'm possessed by sock yarn collecting. Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference.

Oh well, what does it matter. I like to knit, I'm going to knit something. It might as well be socks, and I might as well have some sock yarn on hand in case of some crisis like Y2K was supposed to be, or an earthquake or something. Hey, I better put a sock project in my 72-hour kit!

Note: the following picture has nothing to do with sock yarn, but I worked hard to get this photo so I am putting it here.

Golden Eagle lands on nest in Salt Lake City's Hogle Zoo bird show


Lynn hat gesagt…

Based on your recommendation and several of the reviews at that bookstore, I'm adding it to my wishlist.

Wow, you got an eagle and you didn't even have to play golf! Which, as one of my all-time favorite writers said, is a good walk spoiled.

I won't tease you about your sock stash if you don't tease me about my floss stash for cross-stitch [at least one of every color of cotton, plain and variegated, that DMC makes, and I've made a good dent in Anchor's inventory as well].

Laritza hat gesagt…

And I thought I had a lot!
Good grief! but if it makes you happy well that is just fine.
I stash small amounts of a lot of things so in the end we might be close.
Went to the Geme Fair today at the Town Expo Center. They will be there tomorrow, go if you have time. They have lovely stuff! Beads for socks for example.........

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