Samstag, Juni 30, 2007

On My Birthday in 1612 . . .

. . . Galileo discovered the planet Neptune.

This is The Birthday Meme. It isn't knitting, but it's educational.

Go to Wikipedia and into the search field type the month and date of your birthday (not the year). Then share with the world:

  • Three events

  • Two births

  • One holiday

  • You are actually supposed to tag five people. So all five of you who read my blog, consider yourselves tagged.

    So. My events:

    As I said, Galileo discovered Neptune in 1612.
    He didn't get credit for the discovery because he thought it was a fixed star

    1895: the first showing of a movie to a paying audience.

    1897: the premiere of the play Cyrano de Bergerac.

    Two people who share my birthday:

    Stan Lee, creator of my second favorite comic book character, Thor (also Spiderman, X-Men, The Hulk . . .)
    my heart belonged first to Superman.

    Nichelle Nichols
    Uhura: Tell me how your planet Vulcan looks on a lazy evening when the moon is full.
    Spock: Vulcan has no moon, Ms Uhuru.
    Uhura: I'm not surprised, Mr Spock.

    One holiday:

    Proclamation Day
    in South Australia
    I like the fact that The Old Gum Tree was involved in the original proclamation

    Isn't Wikipedia great?


    Laritza hat gesagt…

    Happy Birthday!

    Joanne hat gesagt…

    Fun! I'll have to do that too!

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