Montag, Juni 11, 2007

No wonder, Stephanie!

It's not just the colors, although they look happy as balloons at a birthday party, and a little splashed-on-looking, besides.

It's not just the Tulip Baby Sweater pattern, although it's devilish clever and fun to knit, with all-in-one, top-down construction and adorable seed stitch color-change rows.

It's this Dream in Color yarn. You put it on the swift and start to wind, and for a split second, nothing happens! It's sproingy, bouncy, cushy, and smooshy. It's merino yarn that hasn't been processed out of all remembrance that it began life on the back of a merino sheep.

Since I bought full skeins instead of a kit, I have enough yarn here to knit a bunch of these. Baby Aeowyn would like one, I bet. Green edging for hers. And Baby Jayden; she's visiting this week from California; if I knit fast I can send hers back with her. And Summer Sky blue edging for Baby Callie* . . .

You guys! There is Dream in Color sock yarn, too! It's called (surprise, surprise) Smooshy.

* Working title


Margene hat gesagt…

So tempting!

Laritza hat gesagt…

I can almost feel the texture with your pictures! The colors are to die for. Thank goodness I do not have kids to knit for....else.......

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