Samstag, Juni 23, 2007

Lavender's Blue

L-B made lavender wands for me! That's true friendship when a person is willing to sacrifice their knitting time to weave lavender. They smell wonderful.

Wands shown with (top) Zen String sock club yarn Lotus Toes fingering in "Lily"; Yarn Pirate "Sonoma."

The lavender wands are really too pretty to hide away in the yarn closet.

Thank you, L-B. You're the best.


Terri hat gesagt…

Tell me more about the Lavendar Wands. Are they actualy sticks of lavendar? What are they wrapped with? What wrapps them up?

Dharmafey hat gesagt…

Ohhhh! Lovely! And the yarn, too :)

KnitNana hat gesagt…

I can almost smell them...gorgeous!

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