Montag, Juni 11, 2007

A few things show up

The first thing to show up from the 5-day international indie-dyer binge was, of course, the Dream in Color. Maybe they don't count as independent, but they're certainly not Plymouth Yarns or Lion Brand.

The results so far: a Very Big Swatch.

Yes, I'm knitting a supposed 6-9 month size sweater that might, with luck, fit a 3-month-old. Well, there wasn't time to swatch, the whole thing went by so quickly. I'll finish up the edging and sleeves and hang onto it until someone I know has a girl in the winter. Then I'll switch to #8 needles for the rest of the sweaters; and maybe check my gauge once in a while.

Incidentally, I am having a ball with my KnitPicks needle set. Every time the pattern said to put the stitches on a holder, I just twisted off the points and stuck them on a different cable. I have 24" cables waiting in all the stitches meant to be on holders, and can just pop a needle tip on them when it's time to apply the i-cord. And when I get ready to do the sleeves together on two circs, I can take the points out of my mom's sweater and leave it with one of those cool label tags to remind me what needle size it needs. I've never had to use one of them before.

Some more binge offerings showed up late Monday.

I ordered some of it from The Loopy Ewe.

From left: Zen String Serendipity Fingering in October; Sport in Chocolate Cerise and Bart & Louise in the Garden.

Those Loopy Ewe updates can get vicious. I had a skein of fingering–weight Bart & Louise in my cart, but it was snapped up by another shopper. Feeding frenzy! I missed the pinks I was hoping for (to replace the sock that disappeared at the theater) but I think I have them coming directly from Zen String.

My big piece of luck on a day when I was letting myself shop was catching an update at Ball and Skein.

Sock yarn, from left: Rainy Day Blues, Iris, Comet, Indian Corn, Tomato Soup

You have to order these right when she dyes them, or they're gone. You know: you snooze, you lose. I recommend putting her blog on your bloglines, and then when she updates, you'll know.

I think I'm done with indie binging, but it depends on whether Judy does more silk in Black Cherry or Blueberry. If either of those shows up, it's a planned purchase, right? Not a binge.

The international component of the binge will take a lot longer to show up. My pride was cut to the quick when Claudia of Wollmeise answered my carefully-thought-out-in-German email, in English. I quickly swallowed my pride and ordered anyway. If you want to shop at Wollmeise and don't speak German, there is an "englisch" button at the bottom of the page.

My friend Jeanne says, "Now that you've got all that yarn, what are you going to do with it?"

Knit a lot of big swatches?


Margene hat gesagt…

Judy's yarn is soooo nice. She's nice, too. Not that I want to bring up a sore spot but weren't you trying to stop buying? If you keep buying from my friends, like Judy...that's wonderful! Oh do you know about Kim The Woolen Rabbit? She has great sock yarn (and spinning stuff), too. ;-)

Prudence hat gesagt…

Hi Tan, thanks for admiring my kitties. They are plain old cats, but they have the 'tortoiseshell' coloring which is black with orange and cream - they are sort of the inverse of a calico which is white with black and orange. They're not related but they look like they could be mom and baby. I love these 3-color cats.

Laritza hat gesagt…

You do have a LOT of yarn! the colors are so pretty I can not blame you.

Tola hat gesagt…

looks like somebody fell off the yarn wagon!

Yarn Thing hat gesagt…

I saw the Harlots blog post about making those sweaters. They are beautiful. Good job!


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