Mittwoch, Juni 27, 2007

Black Sheep, Black Sheep, have you any wool?

Yes sir, yes sir, FOUR bags full:

The fourth bag is directly behind these.

And I hate to tell you, but it is mostly garbage.

These bags were fairly heavy, 25-30 lbs each. This was all I was able to salvage.

Notice that some of it really did come from a black sheep!

A few weeks ago my daughter texted me while we were out of town to ask if I wanted some wool from a co-worker's kids' 4-H sheep. She said it would be free since the people were just going to take it to the dump. I texted back that you usually get what you pay for, but I would look at it.

But later Celia told me there was black lamb fleece. I went nuts over that, so she called them right up and told them I wanted it. I picked it up last night.

I have sent Celia an email with some suggestions for her to forward to the sheep owners, such as "please sweep out the shearing area before you start" and some instructions on how to bundle the fleece. They had just stuffed this into the bags since they thought it was going to the dump, and the fleece was all strung out so you couldn't tell what was what.

Anyway, about 75 lbs of wool is in my trash because it was so full of straw, hay, poop, bent needles on syringes, and metal trash that I couldn't do anything with it. The other 5 lbs. are in my tub.

Paul tactfully reminded me that I normally wash wool in bags, to protect the drains. I drained this tubfull through one of my bags, and now have the wool in a plumbing-friendly set of laundry bags for the remainder of the scouring.

Now here's another topic entirely. Have you seen Ute's blog, Immer Wieder Socken? You don't need to read German to appreciate this blog. Just go there and look at the pictures. This woman has knitted 66 pairs of socks so far this year!!! Only 13 of these were child-sized. I am stunned.

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