Montag, Mai 28, 2007

Words, words, words!

Thanks so much to Audrey and Lynn for definitions for clapotis (see comments). Now I can knit one without worrying about what it means.

I came late to the online knitting table, due to being in school full-time for a couple of years, and clueless. I'm so far behind that I have not knitted Clapotis, nor have I ever had a pair of Jaywalkers on the needles.

The Batman yarn I have in my stash would be a good choice for Jaywalkers

Dark Knight colorway from DyeabolicalYarns

and I have something lovely from Briar Rose with more than enough yardage for Clapotis.

Briar Rose Heritage

It's fun to be a follower.

Words often concern me. It's not just clapotis. For example, there's the question of whether to say "knitted" or "knit" as the past tense of what I do a lot. Websters lists them as equally correct, but the Oxford English Dictionary only shows knitted as being used between the mid-19th and mid-20th centuries, whereas knit and variations (my favorite is i-cnut) have been in use from the 11th century to the present. I don't think it meant in the 11th century what it does now; it appears to have been a kind of embroidery back then. But I like the quaint, Victorian sound of "knitted" so I guess I will stay with it. People probably won't understand me if if talk about what I've i-cnut.

Another word that troubles me is "moisture," as used in my local community, where it means "precipitation." The Oxford English Dictionary defines moisture as "Water or other liquid diffused in small quantity through air as vapour, or through a solid substance, or condensed on a surface." That doesn't sound to me like rain, snow, sleet, or hail, although it could describe dew. I wonder if I can start a grassroots campaign to use "precipitation" (heaven forbid anyone should actually say "rain"!) instead of "moisture" when people want to talk about large quantities of it.

And then there's the word "finished." Is my shawl finished when the last stitch has been i-cnut and it's off the needles?

Or is it only finished when it's been blocked and looks like lace instead of (as Lucy Neatby says) rat-chewed rag? If that's the case, which I suspect it is, it's not going to be finished until tomorrow.


Terri hat gesagt…

Congratulations on not buying yarn at 3am!

I call it done if the knitting is done. Can't wait to see the pictures of your shawl all blocked and beautiful.

You have some seriously awesome yarn in your stash!

Margene hat gesagt…

It may not be finished but the beauty shows through all ready!

Laritza hat gesagt…

The Batman yarn is way nice!

Knitting Freak hat gesagt…

You haven't left e-mail so I am leaving comment on your blog about the problems your having down loading "knitting time together."
I've spoken with my
and I'am the ONLY podcast that has reported such problems. They said they would look into it but they had no idea as to what could be the problem. The show has downloaded on a pcs and macs and all sizes and forms of ipods. I wish I could help you and I've tried to really hard. Have you tried contacting ITunes?

Tola hat gesagt…

"Dear Lord we are thankful for the moisture we have received this day . . .. " I know, it bugs me too. What is wrong with saying "rain" or "snow"? To me, moisture is dampness, not anything that can be measured by a rain gauge. It must be a Utah/Idaho thing.

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