Sonntag, Mai 20, 2007

A Wee Bit o' Stash Enhancement

I was able to pick up a few fiber-related items recently.

A little sock yarn . . .

Blue Moon Fiber Arts, from Left:
Mediumweight in Torridon and Tanzanite (Fair Isle Kit #2)
Lightweight in Backstabber, Tanzanite, a Rare Gem, Waterlilies, Dixie Chick, Cluckers

. . . including Blue Moon's new Silkie Socks That Rock . . .

STR Silkie
From Left:
Puck's Mischief, Lunasea, Downpour, Rooster Rock, Mustang Sally, Knitty Rocks

. . . and some Bambu.

STR Bambu
From left: Henpecked, Calypso, Lakshmi

While Blue Moon regularly stocks only what you see on the web, if you catch them at a show you can get all kinds of strange stuff. For example, these slinky grrls:

STR Slinky Yarns:  Seduction, Rio, and Lupe
From Left:
Seduction in Lover's Leap
Rio in Bronze, Squash Blossom, Cherries Jubilee
Lupe in Bleeding Heart

or some spinning fiber (although most of that goes to The Fold):

The last Sheep to Shoe kit
The last "Sheep to Shoe" kit, in Carbon

I have now sworn off buying any more yarn of any kind until . . . until . . . OK, I ordered the Grandma's Flower Garden colorway, too, for the Prayer Shawl. I am such a follower. If you've read the Debbie McComber books, you'll want it too when you read Back on Blossom Street. Thanks for these links, L-B.

Anyway, I am having to completely revamp my sock and laceweight yarn storage because of these and other recent purchases, so I really am swearing off buying any more yarn. Just don't show me any more KALs, sock clubs, or new yarn sources. Lime and Violet, stay away from me with your stinkin' Yarn Pr0n.


Terri hat gesagt…

It is more than I can take. I must....look....away....

Margene hat gesagt…

Pretty yarn! You only WISH you could stop! ;-)

Tola hat gesagt…

Holy Cow! Wow you dont do anything by half measures, do you? Yeesh!

Yarn Collectors Anonymous hat gesagt…

Where did you buy your BMFA yarn? Some colors I have never seen!!! TOOO pretty!!!

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