Mittwoch, Mai 30, 2007

The Wars of the Roses

Beginning in 1455 and continuing until 1487, the Wars of the Roses were fought between the House of Lancaster, symbolized by a red rose

Rosa gallica officinalis

and the House of York, symbolized by a white rose.

Rosa alba

In the end Lancaster won, but not in my yard. Check out this little bottom feeder with hardly a flower on it

then compare it with this 10-foot tall winner, covered in blooms.

I admit this is probably my fault. Lancaster probably wants a trellis. But I do better with rambler roses, which are sturdier than climbers and stand up by themselves.

The rest of the yard is doing pretty well, despite a lack of political affiliation.

Darlow's Enigma (white) and Zepherine Drouhin (pink)

I'm sorry, I don't remember who this is, and the vine is a mystery, too

Until I find my rose notebook I stumped; it's something like Reveill or Souvenir Dijonnaise

All roses purchased from Heirloom Roses, although some are not currently available.

Anyway, I'm off to get my hair done, and attend O's pre-school graduation. See y'all later!


Terri hat gesagt…

Even though you probably had a good case of the sweats when you opened your last credit card bill and saw in black and white just how much money you had spent on yarn, I think this "no more buying yarn" is not such a good idea for you. The strein and pressure will be too much. Pick an amount that you feel would be reasonable to spend on yarn each month. Then divide by 2 and see if you can grab that goal. You will feel so much better. Not deprived, and only the goodies your really, REALLY want will make their way to your door step.

What do you think?

Joanne hat gesagt…

A comfy knitting chair and some tea in the rose garden would be a nice afternoon to me! :)

Paula B hat gesagt…

I have that vine in my yard too. It's called European Bittersweet OR Climbing Nightshade. All of it's parts are poisonous in some way.
Here's a couple of pages that have a pretty good pics and discriptions of it: OR

Tan hat gesagt…

Oh, great. Grandma's growing Deadly Nightshade in the yard. Thanks for letting me know.

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