Montag, Mai 07, 2007

Trusty Turns One

Trusty and Cesare turned one on Thursday. We plan to have a party for them on the weekend, but Trusty started celebrating right away by eating a couch:

I didn't like to leave that for Amber to clean up while we were in San Diego, so I did a quick fix with a little camo duct tape and some pins (luckily the arm rest cover was not on when Trusty decided to nosh). Time to buy a new sofa?

Trusty hasn't eaten any furniture for months. Hard to know what inspired this odd binge.

What else have I been doing?

In Sandy Eggo:
  • Took pictures with my phone at the Maritime Museum, but I need to buy a reader for its teensy memory card; so can't show you yet.
  • I knitted a lot; made good progress on the fir cone triangle shawl

    silk yarn in discontinued Cherry Blossoms colorway from Sundara Yarn

    from Wrap Style (the only design in the book I like)
  • Went to Cinco de Mayo fest in Old Town looking for Mexican food but instead found the New Orleans Creole Cafe. It was the real deal!
  • Opera review: Singing was great, especially Cherubino; but the orchestra was a little mushy on the overture.

  • Back in Salt Lake:
  • Taking care of business, i.e. the post office, renewing my homemade granola stock, etc.
  • Kaffe Fassett lecture . . . Woooeeeee!
  • How do you like this: Paul bought me a bigger iPod so he could have my old one to keep in his car--in gratitude, I am sitting in here loading classic rock into iTunes for him instead of
  • Cutting out "many" 3x3" fussy-cut squares for the Kaffe Fassett/Brandon Mabley class tomorrow . . . Eeeeeeooooow . . .
  • Kommentare:

    Terri hat gesagt…

    That Creole Place in new, I remember that building as something else. Glad it all went well.

    A Kaffe class? WOW! Can't wait to hear all about it.


    Lynn hat gesagt…

    A Kaffe class? I. Am. So. Jealous!

    Eleventh commandment for knitters, quilters, and the like: thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's workshop. Even if taught by KF.

    Joanne hat gesagt…

    Wow - Trusty sure knows how to celebrate!

    I love the shawl lace and color, it's beautiful :)

    L-B hat gesagt…

    Happy Birthday, Trusty and Cesare!
    Next year,Tan, maybe you should bake them a cake! ;-)

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