Sonntag, Mai 27, 2007

Today in the Neighborhood

Three kids in grass

Is this a great neighborhood or what?

One kid in grass

Dave Barclay, who died in December of 2005, had the best funeral I have ever seen. He had a horse-drawn hearse, scads of pipers playing him to his rest (of course--he was father, grandfather, uncle, or great-uncle to many of them, and had taught most of the pipers present how to play) and Highland dancers performing at the graveside. He was the founder of the Memorial Day service the Utah Pipe Band performs at several cemeteries in our area. We all really miss him.

Barclay family members pay a tribute to Dave

Laurel piping

P calls this "Mommy has four legs." I only count three . . .

When we moved to this neighborhood sixteen years ago, we had a hard time finding a house that we liked in our price range. We started looking at spec homes, and found this one half finished. It was a boring ranch house with no trees, and we had just moved from a house with personality half buried in trees. But there was a piper practicing in the cemetery across the street. We went down to meet him and learned that the band practiced there. Our daughter, Laurel, was learning to play the pipes, so we bought the house.

We planted trees and roses, and the house doesn't look quite so blah now. And we have had a wonderful time being members of the Utah Pipe Band family.

The funniest incident happened when the chapel was locked and the pipers couldn't get in to practice. I offered our basement, so we had an entire pipe band playing downstairs. Our neighbors called to complain that our daughter's practicing was too loud, and that if she kept that up they would have to report us on a noise violation.

Fortunately they moved, and the new neighbors make their own noise. Have you ever heard a 14-year-old practicing for a duck-calling competition?

Knitting Content:

I think I can finish the pink shawl in a couple more hours of knitting. It is up to 480 some odd stitches per row, so it's slow going. I'll let you know how it comes out.


Laritza hat gesagt…

The pictures of the kids look like oil paintings, how pretty.

Tola hat gesagt…

At Christmastime we held our weekly SCA meeting at a member's home, because the usual venue was busy. As usual, the kids took the fencing outside. The neighbours called the cops. I cannot WAIT to leave Utah!

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