Dienstag, Mai 22, 2007

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The Shawl of the Moment

Shetland Triangle from Wrap Style, knitted in Cherry Blossom silk yarn from Sundara Yarns

This shawl is now at the black hole stage. It's not a huge shawl; but it's taking forever to knit each row now. I made a lot of progress on it while flying around the west coast last week. I'm enjoying knitting it. The design is easy to memorize, so I didn't need to use the pattern on the plane.

Based on the weight of the remaining yarn, it's taking about 5 g. of yarn to knit each 10-row pattern repeat. There should be enough left for 2 more repeats after the one I'm on, plus the 22-row edging and bind off.

I bet it takes all week.

The missing knitting has not been turned in to Lost and Found at Kingsbury Hall yet. Do the janitors not sweep under the seats? Did someone covet my Loopy Groupie bag or the socks inside and take it home? Oh well. I actually ordered replacement yarn for the socks before remembering that I have vowed not to buy any more yarn for a while. I had to email and cancel the order. Embarrassing.

I know exactly how much pink yarn I have in my stash

Cherry Blossom sock yarn from Sundara Yarns

and it is mine, mine I tell you, ALL MINE!

I will think of something else to knit for my friend.


Margene hat gesagt…

That picture of Trusty is a hoot! You are so good to cancel the order..not sure I could have/would have. You know how I feel about pink:-) Thankfully I have some of Sundara's Cherry Blossoms sock yarn or I'd have to come steal yours.

Leigh hat gesagt…

I love your ticker! Very clever. Wonderful pix of your pets, especially Trusty. I'm just reading comments on other blogs and following links. That's how I found yours.

Laritza hat gesagt…

I have seen so many cute cats lately that I think I want one......

Tola hat gesagt…

thought you didnt much like pink?

Terri hat gesagt…

The shawl is BEAUTIFUL! The Cherry Blossom skein is breath taking. I can't wait to see close ups of the finished shawl.

You called and cancelled your order! Good for you! Strong work! It must have been hard! I hope it means your lost yarn is making its way back to you.

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